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Delegation to discuss EU probe

[2012-09-12 11:04]

A Chinese delegation led by the vice-minister of commerce will visit Germany and France to negotiate with the European Commission on the European Union's decision to launch an anti-dumping investigation on Chinese solar panel exports.

Chinese industry group strongly opposes EU's solar anti-dumping probe

[2012-09-07 11:05]

A chamber of commerce announced on Thursday that it strongly opposed to an anti-dumping probe made by the European Union towards solar imports from China.

EC urged to stop protectionism

[2012-09-07 11:03]

Chinese photovoltaic companies on Thursday called on the European Commission to halt protectionism after it decided to launch an anti-dumping probe into Chinese solar exports.

Beijing 'regrets' EU solar decision

[2012-09-07 02:09]

Beijing "deeply regrets" the decision by the European Commission to launch an investigation into the alleged dumping of solar panel products.Experts say EU's solar decision is 'destructive'

China opposes EU's solar anti-dumping probe

[2012-09-06 23:43]

A chamber of commerce announced on Thursday that it strongly opposed to an anti-dumping probe made by the European Union (EU) towards solar imports from China.

EU firms urge dialogue amid trade dispute

[2012-09-06 17:28]

European companies in China have called on the EU and China to settle trade disputes through dialogues, as the European Commission filed an antidumping investigation over Chinese photovoltaic (PV) products Thursday.

China disappointed by EU solar probe

[2012-09-06 17:27]

China expressed "deep regret" over the European Commission's decision to launch an anti-dumping probe on Chinese solar panel products exported to the European market.

EU probe may spark wider dispute

[2012-09-05 03:00]

China is considering taking retaliatory measures against a likely investigation by the European Commission into Chinese photovoltaic companies.

China requires WTO panel on Sino-US duty dispute

[2012-09-01 13:59]

China on Friday required the WTO to establish a panel to hear and rule on the dispute surrounding the US' countervailing measures against Chinese exports.

China welcomes WTO ruling on China-US e-payment dispute

[2012-08-31 23:26]

The Ministry of Commerce (MOC) on Friday welcomed a ruling by a World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute panel rejecting part of the accusations made by the United States against China's handling of electronic payments.

China to review anti-dumping measures on BPA imports

[2012-08-29 15:30]

China will launch a review of existing anti-dumping measures on Bisphenol-A imported from Japan, Singapore, the Republic of Korea and Taiwan from Thursday.

WTO membership to boost Sino-Russia trade

[2012-08-23 15:00]

Chinese economists and businessmen are expecting that Russia's joining the WTO will bring greater momentum to trade and investment.

Winemakers call for probes on imports from Europe

[2012-08-20 15:12]

Wine producers have applied to the Ministry of Commerce demanding investigations into whether European imports are damaging China's market.

ADB urges China to impose 'green' tax

[2012-08-16 11:18]

The Asian Development Bank urges China to implement a green taxation system to reduce pollution and promote sustainable economic growth.

Solar industry urges efforts to counter EU proble

[2012-08-14 20:01]

China's major solar panel manufacturers have called for united efforts by government, industry and enterprises to cope with European Union (EU)'s anti-dumping investigations.

China ends anti-dumping duty on imported dichloromethane

[2012-08-14 15:19]

China's Ministry of Commerce on Tuesday announced that it will end an anti-dumping tax levied on imported dichloromethane.

Anti-dumping measures reviewed on Japanese rubber

[2012-08-09 11:27]

China on Wednesday started to review anti-dumping measures it imposed on chloroprene rubber imported from a Japanese company, the Ministry of Commerce said.

US' 2 trade remedy actions against China

[2012-08-06 14:25]

The US decided to take trade remedy measures on the drawn stainless steel sinks and tapered roller bearings imported from China.

Anti-dumping investigation threat

[2012-07-25 09:38]

China will probably take countermeasures if the European Commission begins investigating the matter, the Ministry of Commerce said on Tuesday.

China probes polysilicon from US, ROK

[2012-07-20 13:53]

The Ministry of Commerce it will start investigating exports of solar-grade polysilicon, a material used in solar equipment manufacturing, from the US and Republic of Korea.

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