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China ends anti-dumping duty on imported dichloromethane

Updated: 2012-08-14 15:19
( Xinhua)

BEIJING -- China's Ministry of Commerce on Tuesday announced that it will end an anti-dumping tax levied on dichloromethane imported from Britain, the United States, the Netherlands, Germany and the Republic of Korea starting Wednesday.

The ministry made the decision after domestic industries failed to submit review applications with evidence sufficiently showing that the imports could inflict damage upon them, according to a statement on the ministry's website.

The ministry also decided not to pursue a review investigation on its side, the statement said.

The ministry in February asked domestic industries to apply for a review on the case to decide whether to continue the anti-dumping duty that ends on August 15.

According to Chinese anti-dumping regulations, domestic industries can appeal to the ministry to re-investigate the case before the expiration date.

On August 16, 2001, the ministry began levying a five-year anti-dumping tax on dichloromethane, commonly used as an industrial solvent. The tax was renewed for another five years in 2007.

China levied a 4- to 66-percent anti-dumping tax on dichloromethane exporters, including BP Chemical Trading Company, Vulcan Materials Company and SAMSUNG Fine Chemicals Co Ltd, according to a statement released by the ministry in June 2002.