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Gaokao reform merits applause

[2014-03-25 09:03]

Calls for reform of the current gaokao regime, under which students are admitted based largely upon their academic performance instead of practical skills, have been running high in China in recent years.

Is China's housing market bottom in sight?

[2014-03-13 14:42]

If uncertainty and fluctuations occurred in the housing market, the government is capable of employing financial and economic leverages and fine-tuning policies to keep the market afloat.

Why terrorists attack Kunming?

[2014-03-03 14:25]

Despite the wide coverage of the attack, many questions remain unanswered, and most importantly, why Kunming has been chosen as the target?

Where is the 'gate' to China-Japan dialogue?

[2014-02-28 16:30]

The normal development of China-Japan relations is beneficial, not only to both counties but also to the Asian-Pacific region.

Online finance good news for everyone

[2014-02-25 15:34]

A poorly efficient banking sector is no doubt detrimental to proper distribution of financial resources and affects the health of the economy as a whole.

China needs to reduce family violence

[2014-02-25 16:40]

With fresh bruises on my face and body, I sat in a smoke-filled, fluorescent-lit Beijing police station with my crying two-year-old in my arms. I was incredulous at the reaction from the duty officers.

Obama-Dalai meeting hurts Sino-US ties

[2014-02-22 14:02]

Washington should be told that any mishandling of sensitive issues between them, the Tibet issue included, would produce negative impact on both bilateral ties and the world at large.

Rebuild public trust

[2014-02-20 10:07]

Chai Jing, a celebrity China Central Television presenter, reportedly was found to have given birth to a daughter in the United Stateslast year.

Effect of Dongguan crackdown pondered

[2014-02-12 17:27]

The crackdown on underground prostitution in Dongguan continues to ferment as economists warned that such a campaign will have nationwide economic ramifications.

Offer equal social services to ease shortage of labor

[2014-02-12 16:33]

Guangzhou, Guangdong province, where manufacturing industries traditionally boomed, might face a shortage of about 123,300 workers this year.

Dongguan: “Sin City” and economic restructuring

[2014-02-11 17:36]

Despite its global status as a major hub for electronic manufacturing, Dongguan, a third-tier southern city, would still be unknown for many if not for the recent crackdown on the illegal sex trade in the city.

Urbanization should be of people

[2014-02-11 15:37]

The case of C county imparts a lesson that every county mayor should learn — what to do in the ongoing process of urbanization.

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