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We are on the wrong path of money worship

[2010-06-24 10:24]

When a woman is looking for her Mr. Right, it seems that wealth has become her only criterion. Many men who are not wealthy are defined as losers, especially by women.

German media must abandon China stereotypes

[2010-06-23 10:38]

A disturbing trend is developing in the German media. News agencies there are increasingly engaging in stereotyping and vilification of China. According to a recent survey, a highly critical attitude is pervasive in German media coverage of China.

Face-to-face communication, heart-to-heart exchanges

[2010-06-22 10:30]

What is exactly the situation on the Chinese mainland today, and what are things like in Taiwan at present? Let people from across the Straits feel or experience themselves.

Stick to what's right for all instead of what's being said

[2010-06-21 14:02]

It was brainy for Oscar Wilde to have left us with such saying as "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about."

A Journey of Wonder in China

[2010-06-18 17:15]

There can be no doubt that the center of gravity in financial and industrial power is shifting to China, in particular, and Asia in general.

Learn from the DPRK team

[2010-06-18 14:42]

The DPRK team, ranked 105 by FIFA, lost the match 2-1 to the Number 1 ranked Brazilians in South Africa on June 15. While the match result startled many people, the DPRK team, the mysterious team from Asia, has won applause from the world.

Is China's economy really unmatched in world?

[2010-06-18 09:13]

More and more people say that China's economy is getting increasingly unmatched on track, but the notion of referring to China's economy as unmatched or unparalleled is inaccurate

Spirit of Qu Yuan still shines today

[2010-06-16 09:19]

The 2,000-year-old Duanwu Festival, or the Dragon Boat Festival, falls on June 16 this year.

Political elements top process of sanctioning Iran

[2010-06-10 17:47]

As expected, the new round of sanctions against Iran, adopted by the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday, was met with strong opposition from the Islamic country.

US needs sincerity to cement military ties

[2010-06-09 16:27]

It is crystal clear that Washington should be held fully responsible for the current stalemate in military ties with Beijing.

New Zealand's gaokao exams

[2010-06-08 08:56]

As Gaokao fever hits China, I am reminded of my own University entrance which I sat as a 17-year-old in New Zealand.

Fairness is crucial for the big exam

[2010-06-07 13:28]

The whole society hushed for the national college entrance exam, or gaokao, which started Monday.