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Sino-Arab friendship strengthens over the years

[2012-06-01 10:21]

Now the Arab world is undergoing major political and social changes. China would like to see the Arab people realize their aspirations while maintaining stability and social and economic well-being.

Hide our dirty ashtray today

[2012-05-31 15:52]

The decision makers in China have no excuse to ignore the fact there is a fundamental and irreconcilable conflict between the tobacco industry's interests and public health interests.

How to survive as a foreigner

[2012-05-29 12:25]

Hessler gives an accurate depiction of the dilemma of Chinese perception of foreigners in China: Sometimes these foreigners were blindly admired and, at other times, equally blindly rejected.

Effects of exchange rates in food trade

[2012-05-24 19:38]

The objective of this analysis is to share with readers the possible impacts of exchange rates movements in food and agribusiness international trade.

The thing speaks for itself

[2012-05-22 16:10]

Extreme comments that frighten Americans, if they become popular, cannot help but detract from the real progress that has been achieved between China and the US.

Seeking 'Asian way' to solve Huangyan issue

[2012-05-14 14:45]

Asia is different from the West--culturally, geographically, and historically. Thus, the "ASEAN Way" might really be the "Asian Way" of doing things.

Bridging the cultural divide

[2012-05-10 16:46]

The US and China are building a long term relationship as important nations and have mutual interests in a number of areas while competing in others.

Skills needed for work and life

[2012-05-10 13:32]

China has earned the distinction of hosting the World Congress through its impressive achievements in expanding and modernizing its vocational education system in tune with its development model.

Winds of change buffer Chinese film co-productions

[2012-05-10 09:49]

Mastering media, be it state-of-the-art exhibitions, TV or films, will help billions of people around the world get a better and more positive insight into the China of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Beijing Airport needs to revive Olympic spirit

[2012-05-09 15:05]

It's time to turn back the clock and re-establish the Olympic spirit at Beijing Capital International Airport.

A green economy without poverty

[2012-05-07 13:04]

In June 2012, Brazil will host the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, known as Rio+20. The time is right: there are clear signs that the current development models must be reformulated.

More about sustainable supply chains

[2012-05-04 09:09]

How we can contribute to feeding 9 billion people in a sustainable way: Vision 2020.