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China's security commission conducive to world peace

[2013-11-22 14:25]

The plenum of the Communist Party of China (CPC), which concluded last week, wasn't entirely about economic reform as expected.

US must seize opportunity of China's reforms: Obama aide

[2013-11-21 14:08]

Susan Rice, Obama's national security adviser, said Wednesday despite the differences between China and the US, their interests on many of the major challenges can and should be more closely aligned.

China,Japan need political trust

[2013-11-22 13:53]

A worsening outlook for Sino-Japan economic co-op is in neither side's interests. Japan should rebuild trust and restore political ties with China.

Clock ticks for China's demographic challenge

[2013-11-20 14:28]

When it comes to tackling China's aging population, the country's policy makers know time is not on their side.

CPC plenum of significance to China, world

[2013-11-19 14:33]

The just-concluded Third Plenary Session of the 18th Communist Party of China Central Committee and its decision on major reforms have outlined the blueprint for China's future development.

New reforms could bring positive change for local govts

[2013-11-19 14:32]

The series of reforms announced over the weekend in China could begin to change the way the country's local and regional governments (LRGs) operate.

China's reform positively influence Sino-European relation

[2013-11-18 14:37]

China's course for reform unveiled after the 3rd Plenary Session will have positive influence on the Sino-European economic relation.

Decisive market tackles overcapacity

[2013-11-17 14:45]

Giving prominence to the market will help tackle industrial overcapacity and transform the current growth model, experts said.

Urbanization, legal reform big challenges faced by Chinese leaders

[2013-11-17 14:43]

Urbanization and legal reform are two big issues faced by Chinese leaders currently, experts said here on Saturday.

China's reform package beyond expectation

[2013-11-16 14:56]

The detailed blueprint issued by the Communist Party of China (CPC) Friday showed that the leadership of China is able to get backing for a meaningful package of reforms.

Heated discussion over loosening of one-child policy

[2013-11-16 14:56]

After China announced its decision to loosen the one-child policy, heated discussion and controversy has broken out in the country's most populous province, Henan.

Birth policy changes are no big deal

[2013-11-16 14:56]

A senior official of China's family planning authority said Saturday that the easing of birth policy will put not much pressure on food supplies or public services.