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West should embrace competition

[2011-01-11 16:45]

Recently, some government officials, companies and the media in the US and Europe expressed concerns over the procurement and indigenous innovation policies of China, and thereby alleged that China's investment climate had deteriorated.

Unemployment will be a major concern in 2011

[2011-01-10 10:39]

Who will be the savior of the millions of young Chinese students who are graduating in June 2011 and ready to find a job? Can the Chinese economy create millions of new positions for them?

New year, old EU woes for China

[2011-01-07 17:59]

As we enter 2011, some of China's previous year's worries like EU sovereign debts have continued into the New Year.

Chinese media step forward

[2011-01-06 14:15]

Can government-funded media outlets provide "true" pictures of China to the world and, perhaps just as importantly, can those media ever be perceived as doing just that?

Decade of working closely with EU

[2011-01-05 13:26]

Beijing is signaling fresh determination in enriching its relations with European strategic partners at the threshold of a new decade by intensifying bilateral high-ranking visits.

Hate your boss, hit a bag?

[2010-12-31 15:20]

Smacking dummy boss surrogates may seem to be a way to manage work frustration, but it won't really do anything to relieve stress and it may even stress us out more.

English and Chinese make a thoughtful blend  (113 comments)

[2010-12-28 09:08]

China's General Administration of Press and Publication issued several bans on the expanding use of English in the media. The regulations are aimed at English incursions into the Chinese language which authorities believe are damaging linguistic integrity.

Importance of festivals in international relations

[2010-12-24 18:49]

The festive season is upon us. First comes Christmas and then the New Year party time. In the reform era, China has shown considerable religious tolerance by embracing people and their cultural festivals from across the religions and nation states.

China's hard-work education miracle

[2010-12-23 16:26]

Less than thirty years after beginning to rebuild the education system, Chinese students from Shanghai topped the world's countries on the 2009 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) test. The results were released earlier this month.

China to lead world into multipolar century  (66 comments)

[2010-12-21 19:45]

That the US is going to be replaced as the sole superpower has long been a foregone conclusion. Judging from the developments of the first decade of the 21st century, it appears that the day may come sooner than expected.

Outsourcing higher education?  (43 comments)

[2010-12-15 15:28]

Is it the right time now to outsource UK universities to China? Probably not. But sooner or later, either the universities will be relocated to China or students will move to Asian ones. As the growing number of Western students on Chinese campuses indicates, the process of relocation is already under way.

No way to reach win-win with a zero-sum opponent

[2010-12-14 14:51]

China seems very much poised to forge ahead with a "can-do" spirit and an inclusive optimistic world view. Increasingly, it seems as if America is less concerned with developing her own resources and more worried that she not lose ground to China. That's the hazard of playing zero-sum instead of win-win.