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Women's work

[2010-05-12 10:46]

In reality, many Chinese women work as hard as men in fields and factories.

Could huge safety net be strong enough to protect euro?

[2010-05-11 14:50]

The European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Monday pledged a bailout package worth nearly 1 trillion US dollars to defend the embattled euro.

Post-quake rumors harm victims

[2010-05-07 16:56]

It was normal that opinions differed on social support and government aid for the Yushu earthquake.

Fluff flurries

[2010-05-05 08:59]

In some ways, Beijing's plant life is very much like that of the Midwestern American city of Chicago.

Drone attacks in Pakistan to car bomb in NYC

[2010-05-04 09:46]

Things happening in the last few days in New York's Times Square and the northwest Pakistan's tribal area of North Waziristan provide a clue why we live in a world much less safer than before.

No need to sanction Iran

[2010-05-04 09:20]

To replicate such folly in Iran would be to do an immense injustice to the people of Iran, who share a history of thousands of years of civilization with India and China.

Realistic interests dominate Sarkozy's visit

[2010-04-29 14:24]

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is in China. However, during this visit, he isn't surrounded by ire or fervor of Chinese officials or the masses.

Shanghai Expo convergence of human civilizations, past and future 

[2010-04-29 12:04]

When two different cultures cross paths, it may be coincidence in either time or space; but when almost all the existing cultures converge, it demands more than just luck.

Who should reward winning sports clubs?

[2010-04-29 09:15]

Dongguan municipal government may reward the local basketball club with 8 million yuan. Can the government justify itself to do that?

Has China's investment environment "deteriorated?"

[2010-04-28 09:49]

However,facts and data have proved that China's investment environment has been continually improving.

Yushu: Grace and respect under duress

[2010-04-26 11:16]

Qiang Wei, party secretary of Qinghai province, burst into tears while telling the story of how he saw names of contributors on the collapsed wall of an orphanage in a Yushu village.

What lesson could be drawn from volcano ash crisis?

[2010-04-23 09:13]

The volcanic eruption is not, by any means, a large-scale one and has not caused casualties up to now.