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Protect children from cyber-bullying

[2012-04-25 15:44]

As more young people have access to computers and cell phones, traditional bullying has gone digital, which has not yet gained awareness in Chinese parents.

Changes in Russia will come from the top

[2012-03-14 16:06]

After winning the presidential elections Putin will have to find a balance between the stability that is the cornerstone of his political vision and the reforms that Russia urgently needs.

Containment a profoundly unfriendly act

[2012-03-02 13:08]

An enhanced military position in the Philippines is merely the latest development, other US actions in recent years also show it is trying to contain China.

Scenario planning for food chains

[2012-03-01 15:58]

It may be useful to exercise how will, for instance, the coffee chain, sugar chain, poultry chain look like in 2022 and how a company operating in this particular food chain can better position itself.

China's old museums need to modernize

[2012-02-28 14:46]

Officials are planning to do up the Palace Museum and improve its image. It's about time, too. I have been to the Forbidden City twice. For me, that was twice too many.

Changed perceptions of China in Europe

[2012-02-23 14:20]

VP Xi Jinping's visit to Ireland has highlighted a major change the impact of the international financial crisis has brought about in the perception of China in Europe.

Lesson for Lin from the Ming Dynasty

[2012-02-21 14:57]

While the US, European and South Pacific edition cover stories were dominated to the ascent of Kim Jong-un. The entire front page in Asia was all about meteoric rise of NBA's latest basketball star Jeremy Lin.  Melo, Lin partnership off to rough start as Knicks suffers loss

Languages matter for learning and harmonious development

[2012-02-21 14:40]

A language is more than a means of communication: it is a unique reflection of the worldview held by the group of speakers; a vehicle of cultural expression and a depository of the value system of the speakers.

Love is ideal; marriage is real

[2012-02-13 15:22]

Valentine's Day brings love and marriage to mind, but in modern days, there is also this question: Is money so important for marriage?

Maintaining Sino-US relations

[2012-02-10 13:52]

Two opinion polls made public concurrently in China and in the United States Friday indicate that Chinese and Americans do not have a favorable impression of each other's country.

Removing fungicide from the orange juice agenda

[2012-01-31 11:04]

Unnecessarily orange juice went to media all over the world and mostly in the USA, receiving headlines that is was contaminated with fungicides.

A Spring Festival Beijing hutong memory

[2012-01-20 11:05]

One of my best Beijing Spring Festival memories dates back to the 2009 New Year, when I lived in an apartment complex on the corner of Ghost Street and Dongzhimen Beixiaojie.