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Substandard surveys are worse than no surveys

[2010-08-18 13:38]

Bloomberg News Service ran the following headline today: "At Least Half of Apartments in Shanghai, Beijing Are Vacant, Daily Reports."

Japan's repentance for war crimes insincere

[2010-08-17 18:44]

As people around the world marked the 65th anniversary of the end of World War II, Japan's relations with its neighbors, whom it victimized during that war, once again came to limelight.

Commercial element of festival is not all bad

[2010-08-16 16:36]

The daughter of the Jade Emperor and Heavenly Queen, the rulers of heavy, falls in love with a cow herder and she marries him.

US engaging in gunboat diplomacy

[2010-08-13 15:54]

The United States will dispatch the aircraft carrier USS George Washington to the waters west of South Korea (the Yellow Sea) to participate in a series of US-South Korean joint military drills.

Driving talent out

[2010-08-11 14:52]

In the midst of efforts to attract talented people to Beijing and make it a world-class city, employers engage in practices that discourage talented people from even applying for jobs here.

The legacy of Games – lining up

[2010-08-09 15:58]

If there is some legacy the spectacular sports gala has left for us, I would like to say the habit of lining up is certainly the one.

Don't overestimate China's economy

[2010-08-09 14:45]

When we talk about China's economic power, we should be careful not to overestimate our strength. We are still an underdeveloped country and many problems need to be addressed.

Sensationalizing military drill could backfire

[2010-08-05 17:12]

Media landscapes in China and South Korea are showing increasing signs of negative portrayal or coverage on the opposite side. This is a worrying phenomenon.

Is world's center of gravity "moving eastward"?

[2010-08-05 09:38]

China's Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi told reporters in Mexico that he did not agreed with the view that the world's center of gravity is shifting from West to the East.

Next decade is China's golden period of development

[2010-08-03 10:50]

China's current economy can be summarized with following wording: Its economic situation remains unchanged, economic policy is stable and steady, and the adjustment of its irrational economic structure has been hastened.

Challenge the perception of Sino-US relations

[2010-08-02 11:37]

44 percent of Americans saying that China is the world's leading economic power, it's not; and only 27 percent of Americans believe the US is the world's leading economic power, it is.

Grow up lonely as the one-and-only

[2010-07-30 16:54]

The status of being the only one in the family will certainly affect more than just the childhood of a person, and it will have to take more than just ten or twenty years to define the significance of being the onlies.