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US championed Internet freedom now they fear it

[2010-12-13 11:28]

It will only be a surprise to those who are ignorant about their government and politics and those who have been doing these things while accusing others for doing exactly what they are doing.

China deserves a pat on the back  (202 comments)

[2010-12-10 14:59]

A randomly selected representative sample of 15-year-old students from Shanghai outperformed their peers from 34 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries according to results from the PISA, one of the two primary measures of worldwide student achievement.

Food inflation is choking people

[2010-12-09 14:46]

The infusion of liquidity in global markets by printing currencies and pumping it into financial markets has proved disastrous for many developing economies such as India and China.

Don't shoot the message provider

[2010-12-08 09:02]

A court in East China's Zhejiang Province ruled Friday that Tencent Computer System Co. Ltd, the owner of QQ, a web messaging service, was partially liable for the death of a Shanghai University student who agreed to a suicide pact via instant QQ messages. But should we shoot the messenger for it?

Growing hope for India-China border solutions (62 comments)

[2010-12-03 10:37]

As the special envoys of the two sides meet in Beijing for the 14th round of border talks, no breakthrough is expected during the ongoing discussion between the representatives of the two nations.

Exchange between DPRK and ROK can escalate into war (36 comments)

[2010-12-02 10:34]

The artillery exchange between the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the Republic of Korea (ROK) military has made the world news for the last few days. Before anybody found out what really happened, the media has been condemning Pyongyang for provoking the incident.

Beijing taxi service needs improvement  (33 comments)

[2010-11-30 09:21]

What is wrong with the taxi drivers in Beijing has as many answers as taxi riders. But most of us will agree that there is a large deficit of "service with a smile." In other words, the first and foremost problem is their attitude.

Why 4 percent is controversial

[2010-11-29 09:22]

In a letter to the G20 financial leaders, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner stunned the world with a proposal that G20 countries should "reduce external imbalances below a specified share of GDP over the next few years."

'Til death do us part  (27 comments)

[2010-11-26 14:00]

Family bonds seem to be fragile than ever in China. At least 2.47 million couples divorced last year, a rise of almost 9 percent, on par with the country's economic growth rate.

Getting beyond Freud to understand human behavior

[2010-11-25 14:16]

Having taught psychology for many years, I was pleased to read in Monday's China Daily that "a growing number of Chinese are studying psychology to gain a better understanding of their own state of mind". What is troubling, however, is that the "man most are turning to is Sigmund Freud."

Will property prices drop?

[2010-11-25 09:57]

But no one knows when the policy will be implemented and to what extent. Given so many variables, the prediction of a 20 percent drop is rather subjective.

Regulation of rare earth exports needed

[2010-11-24 10:02]

China has justified security and environmental reasons for tightening control over rare earth exports.