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Stereotyping in any form is harmful(105 comments)

[2011-04-13 14:31]

Stereotypes come in many forms, and one of them in China is heaping excessive praise on foreigners for their moral high ground while lambasting the Chinese for their ingrained ugliness in character.

West plays 'hot potato' with Libyan crisis

[2011-04-12 15:29]

As the Libyan war reaches a stalemate, there have been increasingly louder calls for a peaceful solution to the current crisis through dialogue in the international community.

China steps away from export-led growth

[2011-04-11 15:41]

According to statistics released by the General Administration of Customs on 10 April, China's quarterly trade balance turned red from January to March this year, the country's first quarterly trade deficit in six years. This is a signal that China is trying to step away from an export-led economic growth model.

Intoxication with cricket in South Asia

[2011-04-11 09:20]

Apart from the English language and a parliamentary government, cricket is supposed to be one of the greatest legacies the British left to Indians and to the whole South Asian subcontinent. Since then, the people in this region have been addicted to cricket.

A little food poisoning doesn't scare us

[2011-04-08 19:35]

It seems that all of a sudden, we have become a food safety-conscious nation. But to me, such a show of care is superfluous, and even demeaning.

War, conflict biggest foes of sustainable development

[2011-04-07 11:03]

War and conflict is the largest enemy of sustainable development because it wipes out the basis for development, both for developing countries and developed countries. It is the wars that the US has been engaging in all these years after the Second World War that have dragged the country into many troubles

Behind the wheel, civilized becomes barbaric (28 comments)

[2011-04-06 17:23]

On this land of wonders, green light does not guarantee a safe passage through the zebra crossing for pedestrians. Under the world's most bizarre traffic rules, vehicles are allowed to drive through the zebra crossing to turn right at any time, even when pedestrians are passing.

Latest China smear targets public security spending

[2011-04-06 16:31]

It is commonsense to not have such items as "maintaining social stability" in China's governmental budget. However, a Radio France Internationale news report said pointedly that 624 billion yuan ($95.4 billion) has been allocated for that special purpose. China has never been a stranger to spurious reports like this one - and Chinese and international readers know all about it.

China should follow own course in political reform

[2011-04-02 15:12]

The ideas behind China's rapid rise, which are very different from the mainstream political views of the Western countries, can enlighten us in the process of making innovations in democracy.

Overlooked ingredient of China's economic success

[2011-04-01 17:35]

While its economic miracle has been increasingly acknowledged by Western powers, China's progress in political reforms seems to have disappointed the Western supporters of democracy.

China can hardly rule the world

[2011-03-31 13:37]

Many assert that China will become a great power, if not a superpower, in the foreseeable future. But such sensational claims result from either ignorance or pure fancy.

Water, sanitation key for sustainable China

[2011-03-30 14:55]

China plans to transform its economic growth pattern and urbanize its rural areas in the next five-year period, from 2011 to 2015. Building a sustainable city is the key to sustainable development for the whole country. Good-quality water and sanitation facilities are keys for a sustainable city.