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Japan's miscalculation will be dangerous

[2010-09-21 11:46]

China has insisted that Japan releases Zhan immediately and unconditionally. But Japan has repeatedly ignored China's rightful demand. As a result, the incident created by the Japanese side has severely damaged China-Japan relations.

Education of migrant children should concern us

[2010-09-20 10:45]

There is a well-studied psychological phenomenon called sensory adaptation. What it means is that our responsiveness to a repeated stimulus lessens over time.

In defense of the gaokao

[2010-09-15 09:26]

Unlike in China and other countries such as France, however, where a student's score on the college admissions' tests alone can determine whether that student will qualify to go to a school such as Tsinghua or the Sorbonne

Disputes over Diaoyu Islands do Japan no good

[2010-09-14 10:40]

About 10 days ago, the Japanese government detained a Chinese fishing boat, and arrested the Chinese fishermen, and decided to put them on trial for violating Japanese maritime territory.

Reflections of a teacher on Teachers' Day

[2010-09-10 15:53]

I am celebrating Teachers' Day of China for the first time. In the US, we don't have a holiday to celebrate teachers, but I wish we did.

Elderly suicide not a noble act

[2010-09-08 13:50]

The theme of this year's World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10 "Many Faces, Many Places," is an accurate reflection of suicide rates in China.

Can America's press serve the public and the bottom line?

[2010-08-30 11:16]

When partisan American news sources, such as Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, behave unethically, it is no surprise.

Lose face to find self-respect

[2010-08-29 13:08]

The practice of companies renting Caucasians, who are paid to meet customers and pretend they are employees, is based on the Chinese notion of face.

Academic apartheid at Chinese universities

[2010-08-26 11:54]

It is time to end the "academic apartheid" toward the Asian and African schools at Chinese campuses and let us give due importance to those studies and realize the dream of a peaceful and prosperous Asian century.

Try harder to build world-class university system

[2010-08-23 11:33]

In order to retain students, China must endeavor to build a world-class university system. China needs to invest in its universities and really "try harder" to make top flight domestic education a reality.

US closure of Joint Forces Command marks shift to thrift

[2010-08-20 14:21]

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Aug. 9 that he recommends dismantling the Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, Va. in a major defense spending cut plan. What was behind this action?

Situation not to worsen in China's 2010 foreign trade

[2010-08-19 14:13]

China has shown a fairly strong economic stability in the global financial crisis. People have ample reasons to believe that the share of China's foreign trade on the world market would not drop but is likely to rise.