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Japan's political turbulence

[2010-06-03 17:12]

With PM Yukio Hatoyama's announcement Wednesday that he would step down, Japan's political scene plunges deeper into a vicious cycle of turbulence that has reigned on the island country in recent years.

Behind the No.1 tag

[2010-06-02 17:00]

China has reaped many No.1 titles: No.1 auto market, No.1 foreign exchange reserves holder. what is behind the No.1 tag?

Defeat of team China, victory for table tennis

[2010-06-01 11:15]

Table tennis, from this point, may usher into a new page. I hope it will be the start a stronger China and a stronger world as well.

A bad idea to combat stress

[2010-06-01 10:26]

The idea that we dissipate aggression by getting it out on a substitute for the real target of our anger has been tested and, as it turns out, doesn't work.

The second S&ED: More equal, balanced and inclusive

[2010-05-31 10:51]

The second Sino-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue drew worldwide attention.If the first S&ED held in July 2009 only had symbolic significance, this second one bore more tangible fruits.

Cementing ties with Asian neighbors

[2010-05-28 16:41]

The much expected signing of a joint document that projects trilateral cooperation into the year 2020 will turn a new chapter in China's relationship with ROK and Japan

How China and America can become better friends

[2010-05-28 09:12]

The Wall Street Journal suggested in its summary of the second round of the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Beijing, that the talks were part of what is "arguably the most important bilateral relationship in the world."

Hainan's eerie boom

[2010-05-26 14:58]

"As the tide recedes we will be able to find who are naked." And only after dusk falls can we see a clearer picture behind the apparent prosperity of China's southernmost city.

The death of American newspapers

[2010-05-26 09:34]

In a couple of days I will be going home to visit friends in the US They will certainly ask me why I'm writing for Chinese newspapers.

Bridging the China-India gap

[2010-05-19 14:55]

A recent survey conducted by Beijing-based Horizon Research, though by no means comprehensive, should sound alarms that China and India need to do more to deepen mutual understanding, especially at the people-to-people level.

Where will China-Britain relations go?

[2010-05-14 13:49]

How will the new government define China-Britain relations? Will it make a fresh start or continue the path of Brown's policy?

One million reasons

[2010-05-13 10:04]

Beijing officials are busy with a plan they hope will bolster the city’s reputation, proposing to give 1 million yuan to each of 200 professionals from overseas who agree to work here.