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The time is now for modern China

[2013-06-27 16:30]

China's trend of transformation is accelerating, enabling more expectations to come from the waken dragon. Chinese nationalism is its roots, the sense of belonging to that identity and to that motherland, the Middle Kingdom.

Xi-Obama summit: A good start

[2013-06-25 13:20]

The Sino-American presidential summit at Sunnylands is now history but many of the real results emanating from it may not be known for months or years.

Whistleblower welcome in China

[2013-06-14 17:24]

When American politicians make accusatory remarks, their eyes are firmly fixed on foreign countries and they turn a blind eye to their own misdeeds.

More must be done to boost China's soft power

[2013-05-31 21:52]

In my opinion, China's biggest enemy is a lack of understanding between cultures.

China will stand up for its people

[2013-05-14 21:35]

On May 9, about 170 nautical miles off the southern tip of Taiwan, the Philippine coastguard fired on the registered fishing boat Kuang Ta Hsing No. 28, killing 65-year-old fisherman, Hung Shih-cheng.

China is never far from the Middle East

[2013-05-13 14:55]

But the peoples and nations in the region want peace, and China, as an old and trustworthy friend, is keen to lend a hand.

Policies that work for Asia and the Pacific

[2013-05-02 16:58]

The recently launched 2013 Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific is forecasting growth of 6 per cent for the region in 2013.

Home truths on Detroit's cheap housing

[2013-05-02 16:33]

Insensitive and insular Chinese investors could further weaken what remains of China's positive soft power as has recently been the case in nearby Toledo, Ohio, another Chinese investment target.

Pros and cons of PPPs in water sector

[2013-05-02 16:11]

China has made great achievements in water supply and sanitation, and some of the important developments in the sectors have been possible because of private sector involvement.

The role of Africa in food and agribusiness

[2013-04-27 09:44]

I am very positive with Africa. My view is that in the next 10 years we will talk a lot about Africa as a leading world food consumer, and several investments will be done, and a real laboratory of agribusiness experiences.

Taking care of parents who have lost their only child

[2013-04-24 16:07]

How the government should take care of parents who have lost their only child has become a matter of grave social concern. The difficulties such parents face, especially if in poor health, are immense.

ROK president's proposal shows wisdom

[2013-04-13 16:46]

Both Park from South Korea and Kim Jong-un should learn from Cao Zhi's poem.It tells the story that brothers should not kill each other or fight each other.