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Asian Games changes Guangzhou

[2010-11-23 14:41]

The Asian Games in Guangzhou changes the city fundamentally in many ways.

Indian democracy not a failed experiment (17 comments)

[2010-11-23 08:37]

In recent articles published in the opinion section of China Daily's website, we have seen much criticism about Indian democracy and its laggard functioning.

Students waves should flow East too (33 comments)

[2010-11-19 09:07]

China sent several times more students to the US than Great Britain, France, Spain, and Italy combined  Cultural exchange key to bringing US students to China: From Readers

India has much to learn from Hong Kong (57 comments)

[2010-11-16 09:49]

By allowing Hong Kong to be the freest economy in the world, the Chinese government has shown a pragmatism that is absent in neighboring India.

HIV verdict reflects ingrained homophobia

[2010-11-14 17:40]

Xiao Wu has all the qualifications of being a teacher in accordance with the Teachers Law, which has no explicit prohibitions against HIV/AIDS people taking up the profession.

'No better women than Chinese girls': From Readers (43 comments)

[2010-11-13 16:38]

If there is reincarnation and I have a second chance I would still look for a Chinese wife.  Chinese men looking west

Nov 11, a libido-fueled Single's Day

[2010-11-11 15:02]

Of all the gossip you hear about Chinese college students, here is the truth most likely to be denied, they are libido-fueled, in a lovely way.

The press in China and America (38 comments)

[2010-11-10 14:42]

November 8, this Monday, was Journalists' Day or Reporters' Day in China. It is interesting that China honors journalists and the work they do whereas there is no comparable recognition in the US.

Indian Bureaucracy a legacy of British Colonialism (53 comments)

[2010-11-08 10:51]

The bureaucrats in India are called "Babu" in Hindi which also means father in the same language. They enjoy a father-like status across the country since the colonial era.

China becomes scapegoat of American illness in mid-term election  (58 comments)

[2010-11-04 10:59]

It is time for American politicians to stop blaming others for its problems and illnesses, and face the challenges and problems they generated themselves.

Obama's challenges in midterm elections

[2010-11-02 16:13]

This year's mid-term elections in the US are on center stage today, Nov 2, 2010.

Overheated civil servants exam: Cons outweigh pros

[2010-11-02 16:10]

The phrase "thousands of people forcing their way across a narrow foot bridge" has always been used to describe China's annual national college entrance exam.