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Gov't promotion should use traditional criteria

[2010-11-02 10:56]

Unless a person's psychological health and moral integrity can first be scientifically established and then linked to qualities that insure good governance, it's probably best to continue to rely on traditional avenues of promotion for government officials.

China's own path to political reform

[2010-11-01 15:37]

With over 30 years of development, China has been on a rapid-growth track to join the group of largest economies in the world, abiding by the rules with special Chinese characteristics rather than following the existing mode of development such as Russia or other former Soviet Union countries.

US makes all-out-effort to sustain dominance in Asia  (31 comments)

[2010-10-30 10:54]

Experts believe such an intensive Asia agenda of the US leaders underscores the 21-month "proactive" diplomacy by the Obama administration to restore America's Asian influence which has diminished under the George W. Bush term.

America's China syndrome (82 comments)

[2010-10-27 16:03]

The 1979 classic American movie "China Syndrome" wasn't about China at all.

Currency war: Overflowing dollar against other currencies

[2010-10-26 11:25]

If America, the biggest reserve currency issuer, does not stop pumping liquidity into the world economy, the world will be inevitably be dragged into an enormous disaster.

Indo-US defense deal may aid Obama's job plan

[2010-10-25 10:46]

Obama's visit is designed to address America's foreign policy interests and also its domestic concerns

The New York Times rampage against China(225 comments)

[2010-10-22 12:57]

The news is not really about Mr. Huang though, since the purpose of the story is to suggest that a new type of spying is taking place involving countries stealing information from American businesses.

Study abroad? Do your homework first

[2010-10-21 17:47]

So if a Chinese student asks me whether they would get what they want out of studying in the UK, I would tell them that they will but only as long as they know clearly what it is they want from their stay

History of Yuanmingyuan will teach us a lesson

[2010-10-19 17:17]

It is suggestive here that Asian scholars should rethink history writing and start decolonizing the minds of our young people.

How to resolve tensions around China

[2010-10-19 09:37]

China must not allow itself to be provoked into changing it's successful economic, foreign and defense policies.

It's time to share the "cake"

[2010-10-18 14:39]

The 12th Five-Year Plan, the country's key economic plan for the next five years' development from 2011 to 2015, drafted by China's leadership and economic authorities, including the National Development and Reform Commission, has an essential distinction compared with the former plan (2006-2010).

The war that changed the world: 60th anniversary of Korean War

[2010-10-18 09:46]

This year is the 60th anniversary of the Korean War.