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Taking the fight against HIV discrimination to the classroom

[2013-09-09 15:50]

On Tuesday, Sept 10, there are many reasons to celebrate Teacher's Day. Teachers are vital to society and play a crucial role in creating a world that is both informed and inclusive.

US planned military action against Syria runs grave risks

[2013-09-05 09:31]

The US military action against Syria loomed larger as President Barack Obama secured the key backing of House leaders in his push for military action.

Ten questions for the future of ethanol business

[2013-09-05 09:06]

Bioethanol is produced in several countries, being the USA (producing around 50 billion liters mostly from corn) and Brazil (producing around 28 billion liters mostly from cane) responsible for almost 80% of the global estimated production of 100 billion liters (2014).

10 questions for the future of sugar

[2013-08-23 13:25]

Sugar is worldwide recognized as the basic source of energy for the metabolism and the food and drink industry depends on sugar. This article has the objective of discussing the major numbers and sharing my major questions about the future of this chain.

Hopefully, lavish galas won't keep going on

[2013-08-14 22:40]

When I watched Celine Dion sing My Heart will Go on at this year's CCTV Spring Festival gala, it reminded me of the good ole' days in China when many young hearts ached watching the 1998 film, Titanic.

Western media's coverage on Xinjiang worthless

[2013-08-02 11:31]

The Western media has become the propaganda machine for the Uyghur separatists.

A welcome to China's first good Samaritan law

[2013-07-29 20:32]

The law frees good persons from worrying about their liability when coming to the assistance of those who appear to be in difficulty.

The wolf and the lamb

[2013-07-29 10:41]

The dispute over cyber security in the post-Snowden era between the US and China has evolved onto psychological and cosmological levels.

New China-US ties promising

[2013-07-18 17:32]

The S&ED is a key tool in this regard. The fifth session with its more cooperative attitude, especially the opening of serious negotiation on a BIT bodes well in this regard.

Outlook of the China’s economy

[2013-07-12 13:25]

China will be the economy centre of the world in the next decades, probably having RMB a "reference currency" for the economy exchange all over the world.

Economic numbers that won't add up

[2013-07-05 14:59]

A market economy can necessarily only be 'profit led growth.' In a market economy output does not increase due to ‘demand’ but only because of profit.

How can we assure our rights and privacy?

[2013-06-28 11:14]

How and why should I, a foreigner, sacrifice my privacy for American security, especially when I am unaware of it and not informed?