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China's new middle class control future

[2011-08-13 10:22]

China is rapidly becoming a land of the rising middle class - and a force that will either tip or balance the scales on the environmental future of the planet.

UK riot: What goes around comes around

[2011-08-11 15:17]

It seems odd that the British government would label their own people as thugs and gangsters when they used no guns during the riots, and yet they label the rebels in Libya, Egypt, and Yemen as freedom fighters, despite their widespread use of guns and other dangerous weapons.

Memorial for Japan's settlers sparks debate

[2011-08-10 17:59]

A memorial wall that was erected in July in Fangzheng county in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province has provoked discontent and criticism from Chinese netizens. The Fangzheng county government built the wall at a cost of 700,000 yuan ($108,500 US dollars) for more than 5,000 Japanese settlers who stayed and died in the county after Japan surrendered in 1945.

US students and families need Tests

[2011-08-10 14:59]

China is working hard to get more and more children in school, to keep them there for more years, and to equalize educational opportunities. Meanwhile on the other side of the world, US educators are lost, continuing to insist that what's wrong with America's K-12 education system is the standardized testing system.

What lies behind the new international financial crisis?

[2011-08-09 17:49]

For the second time in three years a financial hurricane is blowing with Standard and Poor's downgrading the US's credit rating, Europe's widening debt crises, weak US economic recovery, and $8 trillion of loses on international share markets.

Don't fuss over China's first aircraft carrier

[2011-08-09 15:09]

China possessing an aircraft carrier should be considered a drastic, but necessary move in line with the growth of China's economic power.

Food safety at foreign fast-food giants under fire

[2011-08-05 10:38]

As famous foreign fast food brands, both KFC and McDonald's have won the hearts of many Chinese customers. Foreign brands should treasure the trust bestowed upon them and pay it back with better food and service, rather than with indifference or betrayal.

Using psychological terms accurately

[2011-08-04 10:39]

A more recent China Daily editorial proposed that countries use relation therapy to heal "diplomatic schizophrenia". But this loose use of schizophrenia distorts its true definition.

US debt deal will hold back its economy

[2011-08-03 11:26]

The outcome of the negotiations on the US federal debt ceiling is a Republican policy victory. But it will do nothing to solve the US economy's problems, which were reflected in the slow growth revealed in GDP figures published prior to the debt agreement.

US debt crisis and the country's future

[2011-08-02 14:53]

Why should US tax payer's money be used to enforce regime changes of other countries, like in Iraq, Afghanistan and, now, Libya? Why should US service men be placed in harm's way to accomplish these kind of missions? Why should the US have military bases all over the world? Do these military bases enhance US national security or endanger US security?

Netizens doubt Palace Museum's handling of ancient relics

[2011-08-02 14:08]

Despite the Palace Museum's admission that a piece of 1,000-year-old porcelain had been damaged, Chinese netizens are unrelenting. They are questioning why it took so long for the Museum to disclose the incident, and more pertinent, why it took some one else who is not working in the Museum to break the news to the general public.

Should Chinese families finance American public education?

[2011-08-01 16:35]

This fall a small public high school in the US is hoping to enroll 60 students from China, which will cost each Chinese student about $24,000 a year. The questions are whether American public high schools should be recruiting international students to take on the government's financial responsibility and whether Chinese families should be footing the bill.