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Brazilian orange juice exports switch to EU, Asia

[2012-01-16 12:12]

Brazil is a long-term very traditional supplier to the USA and Europe. This article has the objective of analyse the structural changes in the Brazilian orange juice chain in the last 20 years.

For Chinese, shopping is saving face

[2012-01-10 19:30]

It's true that China's economy has been growing remarkably in the last few years, but behind this, there's another factor with great influence on the shopping sprees - face.

These streets are made for walking

[2012-01-06 20:37]

Despite its sprawl, Beijing is surprisingly walkable, at least within the 3rd Ring Road. City planners will have to work hard not just to preserve, but further enhance the capital's walkability.

Educator's comments should spur change

[2012-01-04 14:25]

Although Zhou Qifeng, President of Peking University earned his master's and doctorate degrees from a university in the US, he thought US education is in an awful state.

China's pivotal role in world economy

[2011-12-27 16:59]

When the Chinese government states that the most important contribution China can make to the world economy is for its own economy to grow successfully they are not engaging in platitudes. They are articulating the truth.

The roll call of failure in soccer

[2011-12-22 16:03]

We are a country of 1.3 billion, yet so few of the people are fully engaged in the so-called global sport. What can we learn from this?

Coming to terms with the Chinese-American-English language

[2011-12-15 14:23]

With 400 million native English speakers in North America and Europe, and a further 400 million Chinglish speakers, one wonders what international English is going to look and sound like in 50 years.

Competition and cooperation in IPR

[2011-12-09 16:36]

It has been 10 years since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001. This emerging economy has been working hard and making progress on intellectual property protection, but developed countries still find fault time and again.

China as WTO member is a win for all

[2011-12-08 17:36]

At a time when global business performance declined dramatically, multinational corporations maintained a stable or high profit level in China, which has helped strengthen their confidence investing in China.

Don't lecture China on animal welfare

[2011-12-07 14:56]

China's protection and preservation record is poor, but that is no reason for other countries to feel smug. The west might want to clean up their own abattoirs and cages before they start casting too many stones.

Schools need to tune in and chill out

[2011-12-06 09:29]

Chinese kids don't have time for sport. Chinese kids work too hard. Asian-American kids are being refused university places because they are stereotyped as "boring" and "overworked".

World AIDS Day: Eliminating workplace discrimination is key

[2011-11-30 16:14]

Employment-related discrimination needs urgent action, as people living with HIV continue to be denied jobs because of their HIV status; are fired if their status is revealed; or their career prospects are limited if they admit to living with HIV.