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Rio Tinto fallout can only hurt Australia

[2010-04-02 16:28]

The British-Australian iron ore giant Rio Tinto is probably a household name now in China. But such a sudden fame may not bear positive results in the long run, especially on the people-to-people level.

Reappointments should be convincing

[2010-04-02 13:14]

Any party official who is removed from his post due to wrongdoing or dereliction of duty,should not be reappointed to a same-level post within a year, nor should he be promoted within two years

How should we take advantage of "historic figures?"

[2010-04-02 10:13]

Over the past years, disputes involving the birthplaces of historic figures have emerged from time to time in many regions.

Stop worshiping foreign brands

[2010-03-30 16:48]

Chinese fans of foreign brands should rethink their obsession rationally and come to their senses.

In the same boat?

[2010-03-29 17:37]

China and US are in the same boat.The true meaning of this remarks was: Yes, we are in the same boat, but only when times are bad for US.

Kunming clash reveals society's woes

[2010-03-29 14:33]

The latest clash in Kunming, Yunnan province, serves as another reminder of the depths of public anger at social injustice.

Google "don't be evil"?

[2010-03-23 13:56]

By assuming the Internet is a place where information should flow without any restriction, Google has portrayed itself as an angel in cyberspace. However, what it said and did have shown that Google is an irresponsible company.

Google must follow rules or leave

[2010-03-23 09:20]

Whether Google is going to withdraw or not should not be overstated. Its accusation toward the Chinese government of hacking into its website is just an excuse for its final withdrawal.

Protect our children from poison

[2010-03-22 14:17]

How civilized a society is depends on the way it treats its children. And for years one incident after another has made me a pessimist in this regard.

Who will lose if Google leaves?

[2010-03-19 15:10]

If Google really withdraw from Chinese market, every part will be a loser: users, advertisers, Google itself and the Chinese government.

Snatch food from a tiger's mouth

[2010-03-16 20:51]

The most shocking news so far in the Year of the Tiger was the death of 11 tigers at a zoo in Shenyang.

China's English idolatry

[2010-03-16 10:57]

For the majority of the 400 million corps, however well-intended they claim to be, English is all but a fashion, a new flame, a plaything to parade, the same as a Louis Vuitton bag for an itching nouveau riche.