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China viewed through two different lenses

[2010-02-26 10:54]

The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll which shows more Americans believe the 21st century will be a China century rather than an American one might again agitate many in the United States and gratify many in China.

What is behind the labor shortage?

[2010-02-25 17:22]

The Chinese Spring Festival has just ended, but anxiety about a shortage of of workers is expanding into many low-end, labor-intensive enterprises in the Yangtze and Pearl River deltas.

Control firecrackers, protect civil right

[2010-02-24 15:39]

The gaiety of the Spring Festival is welcome, but not the air and noise pollution. The celebration of the Lunar New Year is cherished, but not at the expense of others. Our right to a clean and quiet environment is always violated by fireworks during the festival.

US should move to repair China ties

[2010-02-19 12:40]

After so much fanfare -- featured by intense media attention and China's repeated warnings -- US President Barack Obama finally met the Dalai Lama at the White House on Thursday.

All that glitters is not gold

[2010-02-17 12:16]

As we lavish praises on Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo for winning China's first-ever Olympic figure skating gold medal in Vancouver, we should not neglect the silver-winning pair of Pang Qing and Tong Jian anymore. Olympic history made on ice

Obama is sending a wrong message

[2010-02-12 10:43]

By meeting Dalai Lama, Obama is sending a message to those separatists that they have the support of the US for their illegal activities.

It's time to go home

[2010-02-12 09:25]

We're counting down the days. The Spring Festival arrives; the time for family reunion is coming. We can't forget the anxiety while queuing in the wee hours to buy tickets; can't forget the joy of getting the expected tickets.

Sister Phoenix suffers from Web hype

[2010-02-11 16:05]

About two weeks before the start of this year's Spring Festival, a young woman found quick fame. Luo Yufeng, 24, attracted attention after posting a high-profile advertisement for a boyfriend through various TV programs.

More explanations needed on higher prices

[2010-02-11 15:45]

The possibility is very high that you will find that the prices of nearly everything are picking up nowadays. Why? The festival is coming.

Catch the cat killer

[2010-02-11 10:12]

The link between cruelty to animals and violence against people is well established by law enforcement authorities in other countries.

Go, Chinese soccer

[2010-02-11 09:19]

Chinese soccer has never been short of drama, but for decades the drama has been related to scandals ranging from violence on the field to allegations of match-rigging and illegal gambling.

Liberate Panda from Politics

[2010-02-10 17:38]

In historical records, Panda diplomacy dates back more than a thousand years ago. In AD685, the female emperor Wu Zetian of China's Tang dynasty sent two pandas to Japan as a gift. This is the origin of Panda diplomacy.