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Chinese reflect on Norway's mass killing

[2011-07-27 15:57]

While Norway has been stunned by the attacks and riveted by Breivik's paranoid and disturbing writings, Chinese scholars and average people alike are also pouring their thoughts on this tragedy.

Clinton's India visit reached no consensus on fighting terrorism

[2011-07-26 13:50]

India is back to singing and dancing just a week after three crude bombs killed 19 of its citizens in the financial hub of Mumbai. The occasion of this celebration was to greet one of the world's most powerful women, Hillary Clinton.

Apple mania leaves me with a sour taste

[2011-07-26 09:35]

Are gadgets like iPhones and iPads fast becoming part of our mind and body, extensions of ourselves? Is our craze for iPhones and iPads alike going a bit too far, too irrational?

Greece's bailout has increased Germany's economic power

[2011-07-25 15:48]

The new Greek bailout agreement is both a significant economic event and a German foreign policy success. Economically, the agreement moves towards European integration. Nevertheless, key economic issues remain unresolved.

Dismantling once-great US universities

[2011-07-25 13:03]

Americans value higher education less and less and colleges are responding by offering easier-to-get degrees that will make American degrees worth even less. That appears to be a prescription that will doom American universities.

What they are saying about Yao Ming

[2011-07-22 13:15]

"No one can escape the destiny of growing old. An age is sure to pass. Audience always has new favorites, and they may have their new idol, but the feelings for the old days can never be replaced," A micro blogger writes on Yao Ming's retirement.

When good people experience bad things

[2011-07-21 16:22]

What shall we do when life really hurts? There are varying degrees of pain we often feel in response to situations inflicted upon us by other people.

The Chinese faith in learning

[2011-07-21 10:41]

If you are a tourist in Beijing and you thought only Forbidden City and the Great Wall were the most attractive places in the capital city, you are mistaken. The latest additions are the two great centers of learning in China, Peking and Tsinghua universities.

US national debt and world economy

[2011-07-19 10:46]

US debt will reach the $14.3 trillion limit by Aug 2. If the Obama administration and the Republican Congress cannot reach an agreement by then, the US will for the first time default on its financial obligation to its own people as well as international creditors.

Neighbors threaten China's peace

[2011-07-16 10:09]

China has been dedicated to a peaceful external environment so that it can bring more welfare to the world's biggest population and remain committed to world and regional peace and stability. But a spate of escalations in tensions at its doorsteps is constantly challenging its role as a low-key, broad-minded power.

Mumbai terror attack challenges India

[2011-07-15 12:12]

I was invited to speak at Peking University to a fresh group of Chinese students, ready to travel to India for a short-term internship.

Seek value, not status, when shopping

[2011-07-15 09:06]

The Shanghai-based furniture retailer Da Vinci has been accused of selling Chinese-made furniture and labeling it Italian. Unsuspecting Chinese have been willing to pay top dollar for it. Why do so many Chinese have an unhealthy obsession with buying foreign brands and is there a cure?