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Caution benefits economy in 2014

[2014-02-11 09:04]

China’s economy has been surging for nearly 30 years, but now it’s time to slow down and fix potential problems before they explode.

Emerging economies need coordination

[2014-02-10 18:22]

A pressing question is if the emerging markets’ problems will give rise to a new round of regional financial crisis, such as happened to Asia.

Merging is first step of pension reform

[2014-02-10 18:22]

The State Council decided to merge the pension insurance systems for farmers and urban residents and build a basic national pension system for all.

Positive roles to play for new ambassador

[2014-02-10 18:22]

Baucus has visited China eight times. He is a hardliner on China on issues of trade, intellectual property rights protection and human rights.

The West rakes muck

[2014-02-08 15:52]

The comparison has been revealing in the case of Sochi. Thirty-four years later, it turns out, Cold-War mentality is alive and well in the West.

No picnic for Baucus

[2014-02-07 16:33]

A China expert with a mixed economic record, Max Baucus becomes US ambassador at a time when trade relations are often disturbed by political disputes.

Ethiopia's foot-steps forward

[2014-01-24 14:50]

Overseas investment by Chinese companies is growing at a steady rate in 2013, particularly in African countries, including, in Ethiopia.

Why is the reform meeting important?

[2014-01-23 14:19]

Let's do a quick quiz: How many people both home and abroad know exactly what the "central leading group for overall reform" means?

Can Cai really fix China football?

[2014-01-21 14:05]

Before that happens, it is reasonable to assume the team would continue to let us down — even with the leadership of a legend like Cai.

Nationwide good Samaritan law needed

[2014-01-17 18:00]

Yet another negative story out of China has gone viral and made headlines, doing no good to China's image.

Spring Festival travel rush

[2014-01-17 11:59]

In real world, especially in China's mixed economy, things are more complicated, and pure economic theories can be misused when applied to reality.

Rethinking the toll-free policy

[2014-01-15 14:18]

Every mistake comes with a price. And for travellers who are used to toll-free benefits, the government would feel great pressure if they cancelled them.