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South Africa faces mounting World Cup-related economic woes

[2010-07-12 09:35]

It's easy to find open bars in South Africa, but how many of those sitting in the bars are thinking of economic problems?

India should not fidget at signs of intimacy

[2010-07-08 16:18]

New Delhi does not need to fidget each time it sees signs of intimacy between Beijing and Islamabad. Instead, it should look to the larger picture of India-China relationship and deepen its political trust with Beijing.

Adjustment of world economic growth patterns under way

[2010-07-08 10:01]

Since the start of global financial crisis in 2008, nations around the world and major economies in particular have been exploring their economic development modes to get rid of their predicament within the shortest possible time and retain the long-term sustainable growth.

Bribery refined

[2010-07-07 12:19]

A spate of recent bribery scandals has revealed how the disgraceful deals have evolved to gloss over their decadence from public scrutiny, as well as the uphill task ombudsmen are facing.

Toronto Summit: Little has been achieved, more to be done

[2010-07-05 10:08]

Although the Canadian government spent about $1 billion on preparing for the summit, the summit itself achieved very little besides a few unimportant issues.

Treat top Gaokao scorers with a cool head

[2010-07-02 08:57]

With the Gaokao results being announced, competition for Gaokao zhuangyuan, or top scorers, is in full swing among universities, schools, business and media in almost all provinces. Top Gaokao scorers become instant celebrities, worshiped by millions of people around the country.

China's deepening commitment to the rule of law

[2010-07-01 09:34]

In late May, China's Supreme People's Court along with four other ministries released a regulation seeking to halt the use of torture in obtaining a suspect's confession. The regulation is effective on July 1.

Time to use technology on pitch

[2010-06-29 09:21]

After the anger that erupted over Frank Lampard's disallowed goal, which would have converted the game into a 2-2 equalizer, England fell apart quickly, giving Germany two fast-breaks that sealed two game-winning goals for their all-time foes.

US military presence in the Yellow Sea

[2010-06-28 16:46]

In a terse news release, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) announced on Monday that it will conduct live ammunition exercises in the East China Sea from June 30 to July 5.

High demand

[2010-06-28 09:33]

A report from the Beijing Higher People's Court says the number of foreigners caught smuggling drugs into China has exploded in the past several years.

'White-first' mentality still haunts many in China

[2010-06-25 17:06]

I have always been amazed and baffled by the infatuation shown by some of my fellow countrymen to foreigners, Caucasians to be exact.It is a kind of blind, ingratiating display of favor toward whites based on self-debasement and lack of self-esteem that seems to defy all logic.

Group of Eight, a sideshow without rising stars

[2010-06-25 11:19]

Political scientists are divided over the significance of the Group of Eight (G-8) as the heads of state from the world's richest industrial nations prepare to meet Friday and Saturday in the Canadian province of Ontario.