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An incredible journey through India (II)

[2013-04-13 15:45]

India is a fascinating country. I really think that it is in India that we will see real and fast changes in the world.

An incredible journey through India (I)

[2013-04-09 12:58]

Almost two weeks traveling in four big cities (Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi) and several rural villages of India is an incredible and unforgettable experience.

Will Brinkmanship work this time?

[2013-04-08 13:19]

The simmering tension has given the Obama administration a perfect excuse to bolster its military presence in East Asia

Rule change to make education inclusive for people with disabilities

[2013-03-26 22:19]

The State Council solicited opinions from individuals and organizations on the revised Regulation on Education for Persons with Disabilities on March 25.

The world of 'seed, weed and bug' companies

[2013-03-21 09:54]

This article aims to discuss the major changes happening in the environment of crop input protection and seed companies in food chains, mostly in the largest farming countries.

The macro-environment and risk analysis

[2013-03-20 13:45]

Based on these risks discussed above, the question to be answered is what are the possibilities of these very macro-environmental variables happen, and if they occur, how the company would be affected.

Evolving role of trading companies in food chains

[2013-03-18 09:54]

This article aims to discuss the major changes happening in trading companies (here I will use the acronym TCo’s) that operate in food and agribusiness chains.

The changing environment and the modern farming

[2013-03-14 09:18]

Based on these changes discussed above, the question to be answered is how should a company dealing, selling to or buying from farmers operate?

Interpreting the second wave of cyber security threats to China

[2013-03-04 18:05]

The only solution to the US-China dispute over Internet governance and cyber security is for US policy-makers to realize that this is not a bilateral matter.

Eavesdropping houses shouldn't throw stones

[2013-02-21 17:24]

I think I remember a certain country bugging the whole UN in the run up to the invasion of Iraq let alone stealing a few Facebook updates.

Let’s ensure fairness during Chunyun

[2013-02-01 16:43]

So, the fundamental way to resolve the dilemma ofChunyunis to change the imbalance of regional development, rather than just increasing the transportation capacity