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Why 'Occupy Wall Street' spread

[2011-11-29 13:50]

In China, polls show people believe society is generally going forward; therefore, there is no echo for the general US and European 'Occupy' movement – simply interest in it.

Football failure is a threat to national security

[2011-11-25 16:47]

The loss to Iraq was the last straw. For millions of football fans across China, the humiliating elimination from the 2014 World Cup was the proverbial nail in the coffin of the nation's soccer hopes and dreams.

Tips for Chinese students applying to American universities

[2011-11-23 09:31]

US universities need China's money and China is sending good students to America, but there is starting to be a backlash. The Washington Post called the record numbers of Chinese students enrolling in American colleges a "campus overload."

Regional peace depends on mutual trust

[2011-11-15 16:10]

The increasing economic interdependence of the Asia Pacific region's countries has done little to promote mutual trust between the regional powers and smaller countries, which are running in different orbits.

Key trends in China's inflation

[2011-11-11 18:20]

Analysis of the economic data shows clearly that the decisive factor driving CPI rates in China were international. They did not lie in China’s domestic monetary conditions as a number of analysts have claimed.

Why China should celebrate Halloween

[2011-10-31 11:00]

The real celebrations of Halloween should be taking place in China's manufacturing heartland, where billions of yuan are pocketed each year as they churn out plastic goodies to support the US demand to dress up in dirt-cheap garments.

We need choice on TV not constraint

[2011-10-28 13:58]

Ultimately, what the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has done with its latest order to prevent "vulgar" television is to prevent choice.

Good sign for Six-Party Talks

[2011-10-27 13:29]

The DPRK and the ROK both are important and reliable neighbors of China, and Beijing has long-term and close high-level contacts with them. Undoubtedly Li's shuttle diplomacy generated positive vibes for the second US-DPRK talks.

The risks of supporting companies to internationlize 

[2011-10-26 17:51]

In the last couple of years public development banks in some emerging countries gave strong support for local (national) companies to make acquisitions outside, expanding their operations to other countries.

Don't blame kids for China's sporting failure

[2011-10-26 17:45]

China's problems with football started long before two small primary schools in Beijing naively played host to an elite Russian side.

Dunce Caps and Green Scarves

[2011-10-25 09:18]

We have a long way to go before we really understand how to get children to do their best in school. What we know for sure is that any motivational plans we devise should avoid inadvertently institutionalizing a dunce cap mentality among our students.

Civilized society distorted by moral apathy

[2011-10-18 14:03]

The recent case in China of a child involved in a hit-and-run accident who was ignored by passersby has shocked many and raises questions about the moral duty of citizens to help each other in times of need.