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Yuan can't solve US problems

[2011-10-09 10:39]

As the only superpower of the world, the U.S. has a tendency to blame its problems on others. It wants other countries to take the medication for its illness, and it wants other countries to pay the price for its mismanagement of its finance and economy.

The 'asset crisis' of emerging economies

[2011-10-05 14:50]

In particular, China should try to replace its dollar-denominated assets with renminbi-denominated assets, and its renminbi-denominated liabilities with dollar-denominated liabilities.

Cross-Straits military balance needs another look

[2011-09-28 17:09]

Dialogue, consultation and negotiation are the best option to safeguard peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits, and peaceful development of cross-Straits relations is undoubtedly the most in line with the interests of US.

Issue of trust between doctors, patients in China

[2011-09-27 17:10]

Being a medical practitioner myself, I believe that mutual respect and acceptance of limitation are the keys to unlock this entanglement.

West can learn from China's financial success

[2011-09-26 10:45]

What, in this sense, and taking account of the present situation, might be some of the most important things the US and Europe might fruitfully study from China's successful policy in dealing with the financial crisis?

Chaos on Tianjin roads

[2011-09-23 15:14]

When I first came to Tianjin I thought the lunacy that prevails on its road somewhat hilarious and amusing. Just as people laugh watching scary horror movies, I laughed. But seven years later I no longer find the road lunacy amusing. In fact I find it very unamusing and frustratingly annoying

Breaking US arms sales pattern

[2011-09-22 11:09]

The US will continue selling arms to Taiwan well into the 21st century, and it is likely to expand and upgrade the sales despite Washington's documented promise almost two decades to do exactly the opposite.

Palestinians justified in moving to UN

[2011-09-21 17:10]

High drama is expected at the United Nations this week as the Palestinians take their quest for statehood to the UN Security Council and the General Assembly. It also signifies their loss of hope in negotiations with Israel.

Palestinian state: a step toward peace in Middle East

[2011-09-20 17:16]

The Palestinian people deserve to have their own state in the, which will have a lasting impact on their future. A lasting peace can only be achieved through equitable negotiations. The Jewish people are well known for their wisdom, and they should set their sights on long-term peace rather than short-term gains.

Sept 11, ten years later

[2011-09-14 14:17]

Has the US government ever paused to reflect on the Sept 11 terrorist attacks and learn some lessons from it? Judging from what the US has been doing in the world, it has not. Maybe that is the destiny of all superpowers in the world.

C-section crunch in China: Why the rush to be born early?

[2011-09-09 13:30]

Every year around the end of August, maternity wards all over China are crowded with mothers-to-be waiting for Cesarean sections. The reason for this sudden rise in babies is the cutoff birth date for children to start school is Aug 31. Why would anyone want to jump into the 'real society' early?

Libya conference: Implications for Third World nations

[2011-09-07 11:54]

The Western nations are fighting in Libya because they are losing Africa to China. Gadhafi's Libya provided the best target for them to fight to get back its former dominance in Africa.