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Get back when attacked

[2010-01-31 09:39]

For many Chinese, the US-led war on former Yugoslavia and its invasion into Iraq were long past history. Washington's sable rattling against Iran and threat of pre-emptive attacks against what it believes to be rogue nations are just bluffing.

Exporters must heed changes in consumer behavior

[2010-01-30 15:29]

Andrew Robertson, head of BBDO, one of the largest ad companies in the world, told China Daily that Chinese exporters must take heed to the major changes in consumer behavior as a result of the global recession.

Gov'ts urged to regulate big banks, money

[2010-01-30 14:54]

Experts' views heard at Davos suggest that if governments' fail to take an coordinated effort to regulate big banks and big money, there will be a risk that the best time to reform international finance will be lost.

Asia contributes most growth in global ad industry

[2010-01-30 14:13]

In his interview with China Daily during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, John Wren, president and CEO of Omnicom Group Inc., one of the largest global advertising and communication service groups, said Asia has been contributing most growth in the global ad industry 2009-10.

More infringements anticipated

[2010-01-30 11:22]

The new round of American arms sales to Taiwan, though coming on short notice, should be no surprise.

US will not give up its Taiwan card

[2010-01-30 10:42]

The successive arms sales by US governments have made it clear that the US will not give up its Taiwan card to contain China's development, not in the near future.

"Information Imperialism" and "New Berlin Wall"

[2010-01-29 17:28]

Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state criticized China's cyber policies, calling them the "New Berlin Wall" that she accused of contravening international commitments to free expression.

Irresponsible attacks at China unacceptable

[2010-01-29 17:25]

Vice-Premier Li Keqiang’s self-confident and forward-looking speech at Davos yesterday is in a sharp contrast with some US politicians’ irresponsible attacks at China at the international forum.

Closer China-US co-op needed for better world

[2010-01-29 16:04]

Davos: Although China doesn't want to use it, the word G2 emerges in some of the 220 panels in Davos. Chance to manage the new "globalized" world successfully will be slim without China and the United States work like yin and yang.

Spell out China stance at Davos

[2010-01-29 13:24]

The World Economic Forum (WEF), also best known for its annual meeting in Davos in Switzerland, opened on Jan 27th.

Victory in defeat at Australian Open

[2010-01-28 21:37]

No Chinese player will lift the Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup at Rod Laver Arena tomorrow night but the nation’s top women players walk away from the year’s first Grand Slam winners.

Stop energy giants from corruption

[2010-01-28 11:36]

The new National Energy Commission, which was launched on Wednesday, is expected to play a supervisory role for the country's colossal energy giants to fulfill their responsibilities in guaranteeing the country's energy security, instead of making easily-earned hefty monopolistic profit only.