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A medical rule that becomes abreaction

[2010-02-08 17:19]

A Sina.com.cn survey showed that the new regulation - which allows the hospital to go ahead with an emergent operation without the consent from the patient's family members - failed to win a landslide approval from the public.

A letter to the Ministry of Railway

[2010-02-08 10:41]

I'd like to show my homage to your hard work to handle the Spring Festival transport, which is seen as the world's largest annual human migration.

Time for US to treat China equally

[2010-02-05 16:40]

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the United States has been accustomed to being the superior partner in Sino-US relations.

Imagine Western culture with Chinese characteristics

[2010-02-04 10:32]

It could happen. In fact, it’s likely to happen to some extent as long as China sticks to its opening-up policy.

Deplorable for Obama to meet Dalai Lama

[2010-02-03 20:01]

It is pathetic to see that US President Barack Obama is likely to succumb to domestic politics and go ahead with a plan to meet the Dalai Lama.

The pain to get a train ticket

[2010-02-03 17:49]

Having been away from my hometown for six years, I made up my mind last week to go home this year for the all-too-important Spring Festival.

A shutdown is not the cure

[2010-02-02 15:56]

On the surface of it, Beijing’s effort to close thousands of liaison offices run by local governments in the Chinese capital – at least some believed to be fertile ground for corruption - should be winning big ovations.

Davos, a place for big ideas

[2010-02-02 14:45]

The more the world is under the pressure of short-term problems the more it is in need for big ideas. This is true for governments and companies in the developed as well as the developing countries.

Could Chinese hold a WEF-like event?

[2010-02-02 14:40]

But isn't Prof Schwab's success precisely because he is an individual – admittedly or a very committed sort – free from the organizational fatigue commonly seen in all bureacuracies? Maybe Feng Jun should start one some day.

An on-line Davos?

[2010-02-02 14:28]

Will there be an on-line Davos of some sort - so that speakers and journalists do not have to travel physically to one place to join each other in forums and exchanges? Some international web sites may be doing or planning similar services. I hope there can be one from China.

Sino-US relations, a bumpy road

[2010-02-02 13:28]

Sino-US relations will be rough and bumpy in 2010, despite the two rivals have significant interest to share.

Leave Confucius alone

[2010-02-01 15:19]

The blockbuster Confucius has not received the expected public praise since its release earlier this month. But I think the real reason for its no-so-good comments are Confucius and his theories, along with a movie about them, aren't suitable for today's China.