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"Secrets" behind success of China-Africa relations

[2012-07-20 12:37]

The Chinese “footprints” in the African continent are so visible and so welcomed that some people find it utterly unexpected and surprising.

China, Africa poised to embrace a brighter future for economic co-op and trade

[2012-07-17 21:03]

As developing countries, China and African countries have all managed to keep relatively fast economic growth and enjoyed good prospects.

Show the good, the bad and the ugly

[2012-07-17 16:43]

"Image building" has become a popular topic of discussion these days.

Chinese must tread carefully while investing in Ohio

[2012-07-10 13:54]

It is news when Chinese businesspeople appear to be buying up significant parts of Toledo. It remains to be seen, however, if China will be perceived as savior of the city or an unsavory exploiter.

Taking advantage of China’s peaceful stance

[2012-06-30 17:32]

Establishing a kindergarten on Zhongye Island (called Pagasa Island by the Philippines) is its latest attempt to exacerbate the situation.

Structural changes in Chinese meat chains

[2012-06-29 14:44]

I think the most interesting investments for Chinese companies would be in origination and not in land, which requires higher volume of resources and faces restrictions.

From strength to strength

[2012-06-28 16:45]

In 1995, two years before China resumed its sovereignty over Hong Kong, Fortune magazine carried a cover story, prophesying the special administrative region's downfall after its return to China

Countries show low ambition at Rio+20

[2012-06-27 14:00]

More ambition is needed to implement concrete solutions for sustainable development and a desirable new world.

A step forward or backward?

[2012-06-20 10:16]

It is more popularly known as the Rio+20 Summit, to commemorate the landmark Earth Summit of 1992, which brought the environmental crisis into the mainstream of political life.

An example our regional neighbors must follow

[2012-06-05 16:47]

Today's world thoroughly understands that in order to overcome crises in the global economy, we need to dramatically step up labor productivity, and the only way to do so is to pursue innovative development.

Tales of gratitude and its absence

[2012-06-05 13:54]

Is gratitude being imparted from one generation to another? And when did ungratefulness begin to take root in human nature?

Helping smokers to quit

[2012-06-04 11:26]

According to experts of legislation on tobacco control from the two cities, the basic principle of the laws is to protect the rights of non-smokers. The question is how about the smokers?