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Urban management must be improved

[2014-01-10 18:20]

The municipal government must do more to alleviate conditions in areas were people live in cramped conditions rather than issue bans.

Important step to clear the air

[2014-01-09 19:15]

The Ministry of Environmental Protection signed a liability statement for air pollution control targets with 31 provincial governments.

Highway management must be transparent

[2014-01-07 18:28]

The central government should respond with a clear message to such local highway administration feedback to the public’s doubts.

Officials to account for failures in housing

[2014-01-07 18:28]

Governments at various levels vowed to establish an accountability system for the officials in charge of stabilizing local housing prices.

Be vigilant to village crimes

[2014-01-07 18:28]

The recent crackdown on Boshe, a village that gained notoriety for producing drugs in Lufeng, Guangdong province, raises many questions.

Real estate a real problem

[2014-01-06 12:19]

China’s real estate sector is now moving like a runaway train — and it will be equally dangerous to either stop it or let it go unchecked.

Abe shows his cloven hoof

[2013-12-26 13:37]

Hawkish Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe finally showed his cloven hoof. He celebrated the first anniversary of his second premiership by insulting Japan’s neighbors and the rest of the world.

Guests refuse to play ball with Abe

[2013-12-17 18:43]

At a recent ASEAN-Japan meeting in Tokyo, the host prime minister tried to turn his guests against China.

Rationale for Kazakhstan’s growing energy cooperation

[2013-11-29 20:31]

President Xi Jinping’s visit to Kazakhstan in September saw the signing of energy deals worth $30 billion that are part of a rapid expansion of cooperation and contacts between the two countries.

The indelible imprint of JFK

[2013-11-27 20:16]

One of my great personal regrets is not having better preserved the autograph I received from President Kennedy when I had the overwhelming good fortune to meet him as a nameless teenager from a dusty village in Korea.

Making low-carbon lifestyles livable

[2013-11-27 20:03]

Chang Jiang, an assistant professor with the school of journalism at Renmin University of China, revealed on his micro blog recently his new commitment to taking the subway to work on a regular basis.

China could benefit from kindness day

[2013-11-25 22:01]

Nov 13 was World Kindness Day, the kind of holiday people rarely hear about. Compared to neighboring holidays, this day is truly less appealing.