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What I learned from CPPCC members

[2010-03-16 10:15]

As a rookie reporter at the two sessions, I was struggling with what questions to ask and how to ask them. I sometimes got lost in the crowd of attendees.

US, stop acting as guardian of human rights

[2010-03-12 23:22]

Anyone with an IQ above 70 could see the folly in Washington for keeping up with the annual practice of pointing fingers at the alleged human rights misdeeds in every country and region world over except itself.

Don't point finger at China on human rights

[2010-03-12 16:06]

I guess that the world strongest superpower has accustomed to acting on the moral height to point fingers at others when it comes to human rights issues.

Deputies’ increasing awareness of duties applauded

[2010-03-11 11:07]

I am really impressed by the increasing awareness of NPC deputies and CPPCC members in performing their duties.

Google incident does not break WTO rules

[2010-03-09 15:50]

China's regulations on Google are within the confines of its domestic laws and accords with its promises to the WTO and the accusations about China are groundless.Google dispute progress unclear

Question the new enrollment ways

[2010-03-07 13:26]

"Mom, how can I enter my ideal university if I just don't want to take the national college entrance exams?" asked my 13-year-old son.

Hurdler Liu Xiang a distraction in sessions

[2010-03-05 13:02]

The annual sessions NPC and CPPCC are important events for lawmakers and advisers.However, the news media devoted prime space and time on how the country’s top 110-meter hurdler Liu Xiang was chased by a huge crowd of journalists

Internationalism cannot justify rising housing prices

[2010-03-04 17:52]

A member of the CPPCC, China's top advisory body, was lambasted after he attempted to justify the skyrocketing property prices that shattered many people's dream of having a flat.

Rural-urban income gap is widening

[2010-03-04 17:44]

Reducing the rural-urban income gap has been a priority for Premier Wen, but the gap has continued to widen in recent years, and that could have an effect on the development of China's economy, even pose a threat to social stability.

To be international, English first

[2010-03-03 11:59]

Hainan is going to be a top international tourist destination in 10 years. But let’s think before we leap. Is English well spoken and understood in Hainan?

Traveling in China, Past and Present

[2010-03-02 09:38]

Country Driving is a great book about China, but it's also, quite simply, a great book — the kind that I love to recommend to others and hope that they enjoy as much as I do.

China should set up a Veteran's Day

[2010-02-26 14:39]

China should have such a day for elder warriors, at one moment of which day we can say 'thankful for ever' and hear them reply 'never regret'.