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ROK election holds a lot of keys

[2012-12-04 21:09]

Hopefully, the ROK election will become a new starting point for improved inter-Korean relations.

2012 is one big year

[2012-12-03 22:45]

For one reason or another, 2012 will be remembered as a big year. Four out of five permanent members of the UN Security Council have experienced change of leadership.

Gap analysis as a tool for improving performance

[2012-12-02 14:07]

This article aims to propose a tool for analyzing the gaps existing among the sales potential of an organization when considering one of its offers and its actual sales or performance.

Western media flawed with shoddy journalism

[2012-11-28 18:33]

Entwistle offered his resignation "because of the unacceptable mistakes - the unacceptable shoddy journalism - which has caused us so much controversy", said Chris Patten chairman of the BBC Trust.

Questions towards a demand driven orientation

[2012-11-23 18:47]

A demand driven organization has a continuous behavior to develop and promote solutions with higher value for the organization, for its direct and indirect consumers and also for all stakeholders involved, in a holistic approach.

Reform is key to China's development model

[2012-11-15 16:50]

The wheels of reform will never stop. China will take its own path, as blindly copying the Western political system is doomed to fail.

'Go to market' strategies in emerging countries

[2012-11-13 17:24]

These markets are booming nowadays and if any company wants to grow in the global arena, the chances are to try to participate and capture the growth of the emerging countries or in the developed world, to merge, acquire or conquer market share of competitors.

Differences of developed and emerging economies

[2012-11-09 13:25]

This article has the objective of classifying some differences seen in emerging and developed economies. How can these countries be generally characterized?

Marketing and distribution channels analysis and trends

[2012-10-26 22:47]

When a company produces an offer, for this to reach final consumers, some agents need to perform the flows of products, services, communications, financial, information, among others.

Translators leave China lost for words

[2012-10-26 20:35]

We need talented translators to interpret Chinese literature to global audiences. The key for Chinese books going abroad lies in not only how many we export but also in the understanding of a profound and diversified Chinese culture.

Developing offers in tune with consumer movements

[2012-10-21 13:19]

With the advance of digital media and new forms of communications, we face e new era where consumers are even stronger.

My 8 years in China

[2012-10-09 16:32]

I stayed in Changsha and observed the transitions of China in the past eight year, which I am going to share with you.

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