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Questions towards a demand driven orientation

By Marcos Fava Neves (chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2012-11-23 18:47

This article suggests some questions for organizations to try to position themselves according and tuned to the changing and evolving wishes of the demand. A demand driven organization has a continuous behavior to develop and promote solutions with higher value for the organization, for its direct and indirect consumers and also for all stakeholders involved, in a holistic approach.

Within the market in which an organization operates, there is a wide range of actors that mutually benefit themselves within the trade process, like: consumers, distribution channels, competitors, suppliers and others.

For an organization to be strongly guided by the changing demand, it needs an efficient market information system, which monitors the macro-environment and all the actors that relate directly and indirectly with the organization.

Internally, it is vital to have a cross-functional coordination, where all departments are aligned creating the organizational demand driven culture.

In order to help, in this article I offer some discussion questions to be done as a guide for creating ideas for a company to be more demand driven. The questions are presented and divided by the most relevant target audiences of a company, the final consumers, distributors, Government, suppliers, non-competitors and service providers for the company.

The following items, as well as a summary table show the possible market players of an organization and propose questions that serve as guidance for the positioning of it. For the final consumer some important questions would be:

- How to deliver great value and built loyalty? - How to understand the segments of consumer? - How to anticipate trends? - How to offer solutions? - How to monitor the feedback? - How to build consumers laboratories, places for interactions? - How to improve the linkage and connectivity with consumer?

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