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Don't blacklist, demand good reporting

[2011-06-29 10:17]

In an increasingly commercialized news culture, where better to be first and wrong rather than last and right is a common newsroom mantra and too many journalists fail to stray far from the press release turnaround treadmill, good investigative reporting often falls by the wayside.

Wen's Europe tour and China's reserve diversification

[2011-06-28 10:53]

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao started a three-country tour of Europe last Friday. It not only helps to foster closer economic ties with those countries, but also signals China's desire to diversify both the currency and asset structures of its foreign exchange reserves.

Wen Jiabao in Europe – foundations of a 'win-win' relationship

[2011-06-27 11:53]

Wen Jiabao's visit to Europe has attracted more attention in that continent than would normally attend a visit by China's Premier. The Financial Times carried a major 'tone setting' article by the premier and every major media outlet is commenting at length.

US finally comes to its senses

[2011-06-25 16:11]

It seems that American war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan did not get America anywhere except the unnecessary casualties and financial duress it cost American society.

CPC: Present challenges and future course

[2011-06-24 14:16]

The Communist Party of China began its road with the major hurdles. Now it is a party that is working to build a prosperous China and a society that works to create harmonious living.

US, Europe should study Chinese

[2011-06-23 15:31]

Given the fact that in the three years since the financial crisis began, China's economy has grown by more than 30 percent, while the US has grown by 0.6 percent and the EU has shrunk by 2.1 percent, it would seem time for US and European economic policy to study some Chinese.

Media literacy shows governance quality

[2011-06-22 14:34]

When openness and transparency have gradually become a consensus of governance and expression and supervision have become basic rights of citizens, people can see that media awareness at various levels of government is also rising.

India is not balancing China in Africa

[2011-06-20 10:33]

It is not India versus China in Africa. It is India and China in Africa. India does not believe in balancing China in Africa, or in any other part of the world. There is enough space for these two countries to grow together and reestablish their paramount economic and political status,

Are westerners in China more socially virtuous than Chinese? (369 comments)

[2011-06-18 10:35]

Is it true that westerners have developed a stronger sense of civic duty while Chinese have "become inured to petty violations of the country's rules and regulations."

China is doing a good job in Africa

[2011-06-17 12:36]

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not mention China by name, but any observer of international politics would recognize what Hillary Clinton was driving at when she warned of a creeping "new colonialism in Africa from foreign investors and governments".

US creates storm over South China Sea (106 comments)

[2011-06-16 17:31]

The current tension over the South China Sea could not have broken out without the US factoring in it. Those still avid for US support should remember: Washington always puts its own interest above those of others when it projects its power globally.

China's political reform is done gradually on many fronts

[2011-06-16 10:46]

My article published on April 19, Political reform paves way for economic growth, aroused some debate among our readers, and one critique is that the language is a bit outdated, talking only about the changes from the late 1970s to 2000. What about the recent decade?