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Respect for the value of life

[2010-04-21 14:15]

From Wenchuan to Yushu earthquake, the consensus that life must be respected has been reached by the nation. A national day of mourning held in the name of the whole country not only shows the respect for life, but also manifests the toughness and turns grief into strength.

Forty men sharing four quilts

[2010-04-20 11:04]

If I tell you this happened in quake-hit Yushu, you probably imagine the misery the people affected by the earthquake are going through. In fact, this happened to the Chinese Armed Police.

Chinese 'nail households' strive for fairness

[2010-04-19 10:45]

Requests for compensation based on market price as demanded by homeowners are fair. Even if an agreement cannot be reached, the disputes over compensation shall be resolved in court, rather than in a violent showdown.

US newspapers should stop bashing China

[2010-04-16 10:12]

Despite some warming of relations between the two countries in recent days, President Obama should start by reviewing just how nasty and unfounded US rhetoric towards China has become.

Inmate deaths a blot on judicial system

[2010-04-15 09:53]

In recent years, there have been so many reports of unnatural deaths in China’s detention houses that people start to accept them as part of life. Yet sometimes, the ways that inmates die can still go beyond one’s wildest imagination.

Miracle reconsidered

[2010-04-12 23:00]

The latest news from Wangjialing Coal Mine in Shanxi province confirms the deaths of 35 miners trapped in the flooded mine. One week after the rescue of 115 miners, which has been lauded as "a miracle in China's mining rescue history," people are beginning to face the grim reality behind the miracle.

Thailand is searching for acceptable government

[2010-04-12 10:47]

The conflict in Thailand is a struggle in search of acceptable government that can bridge the gap between urban elites and the rural working class, by catering the needs of both populations.

Yuan's adjustment will continue

[2010-04-09 16:49]

The guessing game surrounding the Chinese currency continues after US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's visit to Beijing.

Gnawing issues in China-India relations 

[2010-04-09 14:44]

It seems that Sino-India relationship is faring well and will grow even stronger, but there are a few gnawing issues still standing in the way between the two titans.

Live in the here and now

[2010-04-09 09:38]

Don't worry about the savings for future.Between now and whenever we retire, countless things will happen that we can’t foresee, just like they always have. And like we always do, we’ll just have to cope the best we can at the moment.

What made the rescue miracle possible

[2010-04-08 17:37]

The rescue following the Wangjialing mining accident was a miracle that displayed the bright sides of Chinese society, said a commentary on zaobao.com.

Labeling China a currency manipulator would hurt US more

[2010-04-06 16:47]

US should think twice about declaring China a currency manipulator. It will lose more.