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Respect for the value of life

By Xie Dehao (Chinadaily.com.cn)
Updated: 2010-04-21 14:15
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Today the Five-Star Red Flag is flown at half-mast and the whole nation mourns for quake victims.

From Wenchuan to Yushu earthquake, the consensus that life must be respected has been reached by the nation. A national day of mourning held in the name of the whole country not only shows the respect for life, but also manifests the toughness and turns grief into strength.

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Rescue efforts are still going on in Yushu. Love envelops the quake zone. From mushroomed relief tents to children's voices resounding through classrooms in the mobile panel house; from the continuous flow of aid to the pledge of “new campuses and new homes,” all of these displays the national responsibility and strength, which just stem from citizens’ supreme respect for the value of civilian lives.

No awe of life, no respect for human beings; no mourning for the deceased, no appreciation of life. Giving first priority to ordinary people’s lives and dignity is not only a rational return to the value of life, but also the application of government's "people oriented" policy.

Now we hope that the national attitude to respect people and their lives could really evolve into an institutional public action. We cannot escape from bigger disasters in the future, but the dignity of life and the progress of human beings could be refined into a civilized institution.

Let's mourn today and remain tough tomorrow.