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Asian universities must foster private innovation

[2010-10-15 15:31]

Government must reform the fund allocation system and reduce the red-tapism and check out any chance of misuse of fund allocated for R&D purposes.

Resolving conflicts between China and Japan-a first step

[2010-10-15 15:17]

The recent flap over events surrounding the Diaoyu Islands or Senkaku Islands, as they are referred to in Japan, is an example of a controversy that might be solved if the two countries had a permanent dispute resolution center.

'When in China, speak Chinese': From Reader

[2010-10-14 15:48]

Just like freedom of expression, mutual respect such as respecting different cultures while in another country, including their language, are all universal values.

Wealth gap key issue for China

[2010-10-13 16:44]

After 1978, "New China" changed its social values again since its founding was declared by Chairman Mao Zedong in 1949.

Improving tourist sites for English-speakers

[2010-10-13 13:03]

My wife and I were part of the estimated 254 million tourists that visited scenic locales throughout China during the week-long 2010 National Day Holiday.

India, Pakistan should learn from China

[2010-10-12 16:08]

Unlike East Asians -- who are smart enough to keep their focus on the economy -- South Asians concentrate on other issues, thereby losing the chance for mutual prosperity.

Government should provide quality housing

[2010-10-12 07:58]

Housing for low-income residents - a good thing the government does - could turn out to be a bad thing, if not enough attention is paid to the quality of the buildings and not enough concern paid to the quality of life for residents.

Next step for cross-Straits talks

[2010-10-11 11:08]

if we said negotiation on economic issues was the main task of the past two years, cultural and educational communication would be the emphasis of the next two years.

What are the Chinese waiting for?

[2010-10-06 15:57]

As a country with the most population in the world, China is undergoing a census 10 years after the last one shows it has more than 1.3 billion people.

Knowledge of Chinese culture necessary for businessmen

[2010-10-02 09:55]

Understanding Chinese culture is important as China's role is growing in the world economy, the rector of Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Carlo Carraro, told Xinhua in an interview on Thursday.

China should not take the medicine for a US illness

[2010-09-26 17:16]

The Chinese government should resist the US pressure on the currency issue, like every sovereign state should do.

Why no female leaders in East Asia?

[2010-09-22 09:49]

It was not until during and just after the World War I that the first few women became members of the revolutionary governments in Ukraine, Russia, Hungary and Ireland.