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What made the rescue miracle possible

Updated: 2010-04-08 17:37
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The rescue following the Wangjialing mining accident was a miracle that displayed the bright sides of Chinese society, said a commentary on zaobao.com. Here is an excerpt:

Contrasted with the selfishness, indifference and moral deterioration of today's society, this rescue miracle shows the world the bright sides of China, which are confidence, responsibility, efficiency and the respect for life. These character values are not only preconditions for a successful rescue, but also the basis of China's past and future progress. Meanwhile, they are clear clues to understanding and assessing China's status quo.

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First of all, it was 115 miners' confidence that helped them to survive. Trapped in the darkness, they survived by drinking muddy water, eating tree bark and coal lumps for eight days. They went beyond the limitation of life time and time again, which would have been unimaginable without their confidence at being rescued at last.

Second, the rescuers' sense of responsibility created the miracle as well. Over 3,000 rescuers were working against the clock day and night. If they didn't have the inner sense of responsibility or just depended on "orders" from the higher officials or bonus stimulus, they might have stalled and slacked, resulting in the loss of rescue opportunities.

And then came the efficiency. Wangjialing is so remote that it is very difficult to muster rescue teams and equipment. The process of adjusting rescue plans and guaranteeing essential electricity and communications was very tough. Meanwhile, coordinating, encouraging and accommodating thousands of staff also caused huge challenges. Without the high efficiency and capability of the rescue system and its organizers, the rescue would have been messy and slow.