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Google must follow Chinese rules or leave

By Zhu Yuan ( chinadaily.com.cn)
Updated: 2010-03-23 09:20
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Whether Google is going to withdraw its operation from the Chinese market or not should not be overstated. If this US Internet giant does not want to abide by the rules in China, it is in fact choosing to exit from this market. Its accusation toward the Chinese government of hacking into its website is just an excuse for its final withdrawal.

As we all know, each country has its own rules. There is no such a thing as absolute freedom. This Internet company, with its operation in many countries for many years, should have more than enough knowledge that there can't be absolute freedom on the Internet, either. There is also no freedom for an Internet company to upload novels without notifying the writers and paying them.

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Does Google have such freedom in the United States? It certainly doesn't. Then why does this company want to have its own way in China? There is no reason for the Chinese government to allow Google to do whatever it wants to do simply because it is an American company.

We Chinese need to have a peaceful mind on this matter. We welcome foreign companies to operate in China as long as they abide by Chinese rules. We are open to negotiations if they have any problems. But we don't like the way Google has handled its disputes with the Chinese side.

Life will go on whether we have Google or not. China will further open to the outside world and so will the Chinese market. I think Google will be welcomed if it wants to return someday in the future. But China will not give in on a matter of principle: It must abide by Chinese rules when it comes to its business.