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Outlook of the China’s economy

Updated: 2013-07-12 13:25
By Adam Rusek (

Chinese economy is probably most complicated system in the world, mixing Theoretical system basis, and the self-free-market application, but it works and actually works exceptionally good.

Although there is now the slow-down period, the Chinese "slow-down" may be the "development target" for many other nations. What I see every day is that people see the changes for good. Most of the Chinese citizens don't care if it is communist or capitalist market, but if their life is better. The fact is that Chinese people’s life is indeed better than 20-30 years ago – there are more solid buildings in the villages and modern facilities in the cities.

I know that the "slow-down" happened when China is close to the "world's average" level, and sure it was speeded-up by the gap. But, when the world have crisis, China is still developing, and even when export is lower, its internal market grows. Besides, it has huge reserves.

I believe China will be the island of development surrounded by still emerging markets of its western neighbors when the crisis subsides. China will be the economy centre of the world in the next decades, probably having RMB a "reference currency" for the economy exchange all over the world.