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Japan's claim illegal and worrying

[2012-09-28 08:08]

Ingo Nentwig, a German sinologist and ethnologist, wrote an article explaining why Japan's claim to the Diaoyu Islands is both illegal and worrying.

Dalai Lama's links to CIA

[2012-06-28 08:18]

A series of books and movies about the links between the CIA and the Dalai Lama have appeared since the 1990s, but the truth is still not clear to many people.

Falling prices to kill off half of Chinese LED chipmakers

[2012-05-30 15:57]

Sluggish global sales of TVs and computers may further cut LED chip prices by 20 percent this year, and consolidation or closure are the only options for China's smaller LED players.

China's towering metal stockpiles cast economic shadow

[2012-05-25 17:54]

When metals warehouses in top consumer China are so full that workers start stockpiling iron ore in granaries and copper in car parks, you know the global economy could be in trouble.

Words of opposition

[2012-05-24 10:30]

The political appeal for a non-governmental society lacks political and lawful foundation, in which the public can be misled.

China eschews fiscal fanfare for supportive spending

[2012-05-22 15:04]

Some analysts say there is no need for Beijing to spend big as China is stronger than in 2009 when 4 trillion yuan ($635 billion) of stimulus came in the wake of the 2008-09 global financial crisis.

China's ownership clear

[2012-05-22 08:05]

The governor's nationalist rhetoric and provocative actions do nothing to resolve the issue, and will make coming confrontations harder to back down from.

Positive catalyst for Africa

[2012-05-16 08:10]

Some of the major criticisms of contemporary Sino-African ties don't hold water at all, says a report released by Standard Bank in South Africa.

China growth risks signal need for fiscal action

[2012-05-14 09:55]

Faster, fatter spending on infrastructure and social housing, more tax breaks for business and incentives to boost consumer spending are among the typical additional measures called for.

China gas reforms spark investment boom

[2012-05-11 15:58]

The prospects for expansion and acquisitions also have China's natural gas distributors trading like growth stocks, instead of bog-standard utilities.

Petro-dollar windfall could help China's rebalancing

[2012-05-10 15:56]

Commodity exporting countries have had a windfall after commodity price rises and they are now recycling this back into the global trade system.

China's shipyards founder as building boom ends

[2012-05-07 15:38]

During a maritime recession, shipbuilding is usually the first and hardest hit sector as global ship owners delay or cancel orders for new vessels to save capital reserves.

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