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China's $300 bln fund a wake-up call to US

[2011-12-14 17:35]

China's plan for a new $300 billion sovereign wealth fund is as much a warning to Washington as it is a body blow to Brussels.

A return to 'Offshore Balancing'

[2011-12-02 15:27]

Obama may be edging toward "Offshore Balancing", an affordable strategy that America can best contain its adversaries by maintaining its naval and air power while strengthening smaller nations, says Peter Beinart on the website of Newsweek on Nov 28.

US political model under fire in China

[2011-11-17 14:02]

With the US facing serious economic downturn and monumental debt problems, Chinese people are increasingly triumphant over their rapid economic growth, according to an article on the website of The Washington Times on Nov 11.

Half of China's super-rich want to leave

[2011-11-02 11:16]

Nearly half of Chinese millionaires are considering leaving the country, while 14% have or are in the process of applying for emigration, according to "Private Banking White Paper 2011", says an article on the CNN website on Nov 1.

Libya: Costs outweigh benefits

[2011-10-24 14:31]

The US is likely to pay a fairly high price for conducting regime change under the pretext of humanitarian rescue, according to Doug Bandow on the website of The National Interest on Oct 21, 2011.

Can the 2012 candidates China-bash their way to victory?

[2011-10-18 11:32]

With the 2010 US presidential campaign underway, China has once again become a trump card for the candidates. But their China-bash tactics can hardly help them win the election, according to Michael A. Cohen in a commentary on the website of Foreign Policy on Oct 14.

What Putin wants from China

[2011-10-13 15:24]

Although the main substance of the burgeoning Russia-China relationship remains trade, the strategic dimension is becoming more important, according to an article on the website of The Christian Science Monitor on Oct 11.

Why China has no Steve Jobs

[2011-10-10 09:37]

As millions of Chinese flooded Sina Weibo over the past two days to express their condolences about the death of Steve Jobs, they raised the question: Why isn't there a Steve Jobs in China, according to an article on the website of The Wall Street Journal on Oct 7.

Not the time for US to slam China

[2011-10-08 10:18]

The speedy appreciation of the yuan is not the solution to US' faltering economy. Instead, a stronger yuan that slows Chinese growth could further and threaten the global recovery, according to a commentary on the website of The Wall Street Journal on Oct 5.

Enough tough talk on China

[2011-09-28 10:05]

The assertion that China's military buildup puts at risk US' position as the predominant power in Asia is groundless, according to Michael D. Swaine, senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, in a commentary on the website of The National Interest on Sept 26, 2011.

The worse banks treat the Chinese, the more the Chinese save

[2011-09-26 17:13]

The worse that Chinese banks treat their customers, the more that Chinese customers save, according to an International Monetary Fund study, says an article on the website of The Wall Street Journal on Sept 24.

Why China won't play Santa Claus

[2011-09-23 15:32]

China won't act as Santa Claus again in the world's financial crisis, and there's no other candidate in sight to play the role, according to an article in The Straits Times on Sept 22, 2011.