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Obama has 2 narratives on Afghanistan

[2012-05-02 15:43]

In President Barack Obama's twin narratives, the United States is both leaving Afghanistan and staying there.

Slower China economy a worry for Western firms

[2012-04-28 18:30]

As China's economy cools, some big US and European companies are losing what had been one of their surest growth bets.

China's dream of electric car leadership elusive

[2012-04-26 14:31]

China's leaders are finding it's a lot tougher to create a world-beating electric car industry than they hoped.

Stronger earnings prove pessimists wrong

[2012-04-24 20:11]

Wall Street may have written off corporate America too quickly.

China currency move nails hard landing risk coffin

[2012-04-20 17:16]

Shifting the yuan trading rules is about the strongest signal Beijing could give that growth downside has diminished and potential pitfalls are manageable.

Lower wind, solar prices to usher speedier adoption

[2012-04-18 16:36]

Rapid recent solar and wind price falls are likely to bring new markets and mass adoption a step closer over the next decade and raise the prospects of mergers.

US politics clash with reality over China currency

[2012-04-17 15:13]

The election campaign will cause candidates for many offices from both parties to say simple-minded things about China.

Low cost era over for China's workshops

[2012-04-13 15:12]

China's economics and policy direction now suggest workers are a more powerful force though.

Europe ponders free trade or fair trade

[2012-04-12 19:42]

Europe has opened a can of worms by trying to reconcile free trade with fair trade.

How low can the US jobless rate fall?

[2012-04-09 14:09]

One of the biggest challenges facing US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is to understand whether people will eventually find work once the economy gathers enough speed.

Obama's incumbency vs Romney's hurdles

[2012-04-05 15:11]

Each candidate cast the other as too extreme for the center of the country — speaking directly to the independents who play a critical role in general elections.

China trip test for new agency head

[2012-03-30 17:06]

When he chose former aide Grant Tennille to head up Arkansas' economic development efforts, Gov. Mike Beebe didn't go with someone with a long resume of international business.