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Yum eyes young India to help mirror China profits

[2012-02-29 13:14]

Yum Brands Inc is hoping this Western fast-food phenomenon reaches millions more Indians as it tries to mirror the success story of China.

China bid to boost growth a surprise in timing only

[2012-02-21 10:29]

Any surprise at the timing of China's move this weekend to spur bank lending may be misplaced.

Beyond Chinese New Year data skew, a bear lurks

[2012-02-16 14:56]

Western banking analysts accustomed to a solar calendar that dates from Roman times have their run-ins with China's even more ancient lunar calendar every year.

Obama's course correction shifts dynamic

[2012-02-16 14:46]

Obama's leading GOP rivals - Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich - had sensed a political opening and were relentless in criticizing the president.

Call for changes in US export controls

[2012-02-15 07:57]

On Feb 10, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled "Aerospace report hits rules", calling for changes in US export controls.

China imports slump, raising demand concerns

[2012-02-10 18:49]

Many analysts reckon a cut in the RRR may now be set back until March after data on Thursday showed annual inflation spiked to a consensus-busting 4.5 percent in January.

Romney losses show conservative woes

[2012-02-09 16:26]

Ultimately, history may reveal that Tuesday's results were little more than an embarrassing blip for a Romney campaign that holds massive advantages over underfunded and under-organized rivals.

China security blanket for citizens abroad has limits

[2012-02-06 16:26]

In a demonstration of its growing military power, China is increasingly willing to deploy its armed forces to protect Chinese nationals abroad.

China developers launch funds to bridge finance gap

[2012-01-20 15:41]

Analysts widely expect industry consolidation to accelerate in 2012 and some players, even big ones, will have to sell assets and quit the market.

China pork prices to hog global indicator limelight

[2012-01-06 19:20]

The price of pork in China could soon rival U.S. payrolls as the world's most watched economic indicator.

China investment unlikely to swamp EU

[2011-12-30 18:56]

With Europe drowning in debt and flirting with recession, China's influence can only rise further.

Supporting the past, ignoring the future

[2011-12-23 20:09]

Most media companies prefer not to talk about the support they receive from their government, but all developed democracies intervene in media markets in direct and indirect ways to serve a range of public interest goals.