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Germany lashes out at Google for privacy breach

[2010-05-17 16:14]

Germany's consumer protection minister strongly criticized Google for a widespread privacy breach and insisted Saturday the US Internet giant must cooperate better with data protection authorities.

Tokyo wary of China's growing military power

[2010-05-14 13:56]

China's "growing military muscle" has "raised the urgency for the US and Japan to resolve its standoff over where to station US troops in Japan," Japan's foreign minister said in The Wall Street Journal on May 14.

Changes afoot in the US-British relationship?

[2010-05-13 10:52]

US President Barack Obama said on Wednesday the US-British special relationship has "built up over centuries and it's not going away." But most experts see some changes in ties on the horizon.

China not yet a superpower

[2010-05-12 14:45]

To truly become and remain a superpower, China will need to work on how it presents itself to the outside world and reform its education system.

Economists see China's growth peaking

[2010-05-11 11:27]

Economists believe that China's growth momentum is starting to peak as the impact of stimulus spending wears off and Beijing steps up efforts to rein in property speculation and other excesses.

Time to have a new view of China

[2010-05-07 17:10]

The world should understand China in a new way rather than simply criticizing it, said Anthony Cheung, the executive councilor and founder of SynergyNet, a policy think tank.

Trio of grand events mark China’s rise

[2010-05-05 11:23]

China has finished three great parties in the last two years to show the country's "ascension to the ranks of modern powers" commented an article in the Straits Times on May 1.

What more can a banker want?

[2010-05-04 10:53]

The US economy is strengthening, businesses are spending, and companies are starting to hire again.

A New Sinology

[2010-04-30 17:23]

With China's increasingly growing power and influence on the world stage, it is time to establish a new sinology which goes beyond old Cold War concepts of either being anti-China or pro-China, said Kevin Rudd.

Goldman Sachs' soul search-sincere or strategy?

[2010-04-30 09:34]

Contrary to popular belief, Goldman Sachs has a soul-and it is even spending time searching it.

World Expo showcases China's soft power

[2010-04-28 10:42]

Near the center of the World Expo grounds, the crimson-painted, crown-shaped China Pavilion towers over other nations' exhibits as a physical display of the country's pride and growing power.

China plans to use full power of the media

[2010-04-26 11:39]

China has started making a multibillion-dollar effort to make its voice heard by the world to match its position as an emerging power, said an article in the Washington Post on April 25.