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TV matchmaking show runs afoul of China's morality campaign

[2010-07-06 13:57]

The campaign against TV matchmaking shows is the latest and most public example of the government's new crackdown on vice and perceived immorality, said an article in the Washington Post on July 5.

Pakistan and China move closer in nuclear embrace

[2010-07-06 09:49]

China will display its determination to bolster ties with Pakistan this week, when visiting President Asif Ali Zardari is sure to receive effusive vows of loyalty, and perhaps firmer signs about a nuclear power project that symbolizes the two neighbors' strategic embrace.

Beijing goes global in anti-corruption drive

[2010-07-05 16:01]

As the domestic crackdown against corruption has been escalating, Beijing is making unprecedented moves to take the anti-bribery battle global by cooperating with foreign law enforcement agencies and international watchdogs, said an article in the South China Morning Post on July 4.

As US fights, China spends to gain Afghan foothold

[2010-07-05 14:03]

As the US and its NATO allies fight to stabilize Afghanistan, China has expanded its economic footprint with several high-profile investments and reconstruction projects.

China property buyers go global as yuan rises

[2010-07-02 10:05]

China's notorious property bubble could become its next big export with a stronger yuan giving its newly rich the buying power to splash out in the world's most sought-after property markets.

China saying farewell to its past economic strategy

[2010-07-01 13:40]

China is using "currency revaluation as a part of a larger strategy to change from being a producer of low value-added exports to a leader in high-tech, green production" to "increase the cost of production and discourage the old export-processing industries," analyzed by Behzad Yaghmaian in the New York Times on June 27.

China-Thai relations can always use a new spark

[2010-07-01 14:28]

China-Thai relations have been good for decades, but our giant neighbour is growing fast; maintaining the special ties will require extra effort.

China earns plaudits for economic recovery

[2010-06-30 16:41]

While China's economy still has a lopsided quality to it and its role in global rebalancing could start to become more politically controversial, there are also signs of progress in the shift to a more sustainable growth model, said an article in the Financial Times on June 25.

Arrests show US-Russia spies' covert war lives on

[2010-06-30 10:32]

Adorned with the Internet-era gadgetry of 21st century modernity, the story told in court papers filed in New York poses a series of conundrums about sources, targets and contacts -- as yet unsolved -- redolent of 1970s and 1980s spy scandals.

Western media play along in the disinformation game

[2010-06-29 16:01]

It is time for the Western media, which have accepted blatant and often dangerous news distortions, to clean up their act, said Gregory Clark, a former Australian diplomat in an article in Japan Times on June 25.

Lessons from the new "Karate Kid"

[2010-06-29 13:52]

A 1984 American movie talked about the US' leading role in the world, while its 2010 remake reflected "the end of the American century" and how "the world's center of gravity" has shifted to China, said an article in the Washington Post on June 27.

China's young college grads toil in 'ant tribes'

[2010-06-28 14:24]

Liu Jun sleeps in a room so small, he shares a bed with two other men. It's all the scrawny computer engineering graduate can afford in a city so expensive that the average white-collar professional can't afford to buy a home.