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Made in China, more expensive in China

[2010-07-15 17:02]

Chinese consumers have to pay premium prices for the foreign-brand products assembled in China, theLos Angeles Timesreported on Tuesday.

The mess in Japanese politics

[2010-07-15 15:02]

Divided into two main parties and some six other smaller groups, Japanese politicians however see their divided parliament as a potential not for compromise but for power games and the opportunity to force early general elections.

Chinese factories now compete to woo laborers

[2010-07-14 15:59]

China's manufacturing industry is facing a worker shortage that is forcing employers to compete for new workers and prevent seasoned ones from leaving for better salaries, said an article in the New York Times on July 12.

Octopus phenomenon affirms we all have a hidden superstition

[2010-07-14 09:54]

After Germany have come third in this World Cup and Spain were crowned champions, what this tournament will be remembered by will not be any spectacular goal, a player's magic or a controversial refereeing decision.

Will India's growing population threaten development?

[2010-07-13 15:48]

A report by the Indian government saying that the country will "overtake China to become the world's most populous nation within the next 16 years" provoked a clash, according to an article in the Telegraph on July 12.

Texting, typing hurt Chinese writing

[2010-07-13 11:28]

As texting and typing on gadgets begin to replace elaborate Chinese writing on paper, more and more Chinese are realizing they suddenly don't remember how to write even a familiar character, the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday.

Chinese score in World Cup sponsorship

[2010-07-09 17:08]

Chinese solar manufacturers' readiness to sponsor international tournaments with huge investments is "a push for global recognition" and is "part of a trend of Chinese solar firms focusing more on branding," the Financial Times reported Thursday.

Japan growth strategy may hurt, not boost, economy

[2010-07-09 10:10]

If history is anything to go by, Japan's plan to boost the sluggish economy by pouring cash into so-called growth sectors could do more harm than good by adding a drag on the country's already relatively low productivity.

Comedian Zhou Libo introduced to US

[2010-07-08 15:50]

In Tuesday's Washington Post, Chinese comedian Zhou Libo was introduced to American audiences as a stand-up comic "who ribs officials, celebrates wealth and extols what he and many others in this most cosmopolitan of Chinese cities view as the superiority of their metropolis."

Not by a stronger yuan alone

[2010-07-08 10:33]

It is unsurprising a stronger yuan will force Asian firms to move their labour-intensive export industries from China to lower-wage countries. What is less well recognised is that the resulting structural change will benefit both China and others.

Sinologist: China, US lack long-term trust

[2010-07-08 09:37]

Kenneth Lieberthal, a renowned American expert on China, said to Lianhe Zaobao that despite the strategic partnership, China and the United States still harbor deep suspicions about each other, which is the biggest failure in the nearly 30 years of Sino-US diplomacy.

China's mammoth consumers may wear off green efforts

[2010-07-06 10:46]

Beijing's ambitious campaign on national energy efficiency is being overwhelmed by the billion-strong demands of Chinese consumers aspiring to a Western style of living with more cars and creature comforts, the New York Times reported on Monday.