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The most 'Chinese' Chinese character?

[2010-10-20 11:00]

The Chinese character "he" was selected as the most Chinese of Chinese ideograms, said an article in the Wall Street Journal on Oct 15.

US backs off in currency dispute with China

[2010-10-18 13:15]

The Obama administration backed away on Oct 15 from a showdown with Beijing over the value of China's currency that would have caused new frictions between the world's only superpower and its largest creditor.

Three tips to keep your top Chinese talent

[2010-10-13 15:08]

How can a multinational company retain well-trained top Chinese employees to "ensure they do not leave to work for a competitor taking the company's proprietary information for a minor pay increase?" asked Joel Backaler, a blogger in Forbes on Oct 12.

China emerges as a scapegoat in campaign ads

[2010-10-11 10:39]

United States two political parties found China as a new "villain" to run against when many Americans "seized by anxiety about the country's economic decline," said an article in the New York Times on Oct 9.

China's global dominance in green jobs growing

[2010-10-08 11:47]

China is "prevailing in the global race for green jobs in sectors from solar panels to advanced lighting, and appears to be on an unstoppable upward path," said an annual report by cleantech research firm Clean Edge in a Reuters article on Oct 6.

Beijing marks happy return of Confucius

[2010-09-30 13:44]

Confucius' 2,561st birthday was celebrated at Beijing's Confucian temple, the first officially approved memorial event for him at the temple since the founding of New China, said an article in the Guardian on Sept 28.

Los Angeles, Beijing to exchange ideas on how to reduce traffic

[2010-09-29 10:36]

The two big cities "notorious for their choked roads are teaming up to share ideas on how to better manage traffic," said an AP article on Sep 25.

Women entrepreneurs in China get helping hand

[2010-09-28 13:30]

A government-backed microfinancing program has helped "thousands of laid-off women get back on their feet."

Developing China's soft power

[2010-09-26 10:17]

China should learn how to export its political and social values abroad, said Daniel A. Bell, a professor of political philosophy at China's Tsinghua University in the New York Times on Sep 23.

As China's wealthy grow in numbers, so do their protectors

[2010-09-21 11:11]

Private bodyguards may become "the most visible sign of the explosion of private wealth in China," said an article in the Washington Post on Sept 19.

Germany seizes on big business in China

[2010-09-20 13:27]

China is helping Germany to get an economic renaissance that is "putting Germans back to work and propelling the economy at a pace not seen since the fall of the Berlin Wall," said an article in the Washington Post on Sep 18.

Beijing tries e-mail route to citizens

[2010-09-17 13:27]

The Communist Party of China attempted to use the Internet to show its public relations techniques by launching an online bulletin board that allowed citizens to leave messages to their top political leaders, said an article in the Financial Times on Sep 13.